Information about travelling to Belgium

Belgium is located in Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between France and the Netherlands

Facts about Belgium
Population10,403,951 (July 2008 est
Time zoneUTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time) daylight saving time: +1hr, begin
Location Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between France and the Netherlands

General info about Belgium
Belgium became independent from the Netherlands in 1830; it was occupied by Germany during World Wars I and II. The country prospered in the past half century as a modern, technologically advanced European state and member of NATO and the EU. Tensions between the Dutch-speaking Flemings of the north and the French-speaking Walloons of the south have led in recent years to constitutional amendments granting these regions formal recognition and autonomy.
Languages spoken
Dutch (official) 60%, French (official) 40%, German (official) less than 1%, legally bilingual (Dutch and French)
What about drugs?
growing producer of synthetic drugs and cannabis; transit point for US-bound ecstasy; source of precursor chemicals for South American cocaine processors; transshipment point for cocaine, heroin, hashish, and marijuana entering Western Europe; despite a strengthening of legislation, the country remains vulnerable to money laundering related to narcotics, automobiles, alcohol, and tobacco; significant domestic consumption of ecstasy
Ethnic division
Fleming 58%, Walloon 31%, mixed or other 11%
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate
0.2% (2003 est.)
temperate; mild winters, cool summers; rainy, humid, cloudy
construction materials, silica sand, carbonates
This modern, private-enterprise economy has capitalized on its central geographic location, highly developed transport network, and diversified industrial and commercial base. Industry is concentrated mainly in the populous Flemish area in the north. With few natural resources, Belgium must import substantial quantities of raw materials and export a large volume of manufactures, making its economy unusually dependent on the state of world markets. Roughly three-quarters of its trade is with other EU countries. Public debt is more than 80% of GDP. On the positive side, the government has succeeded in balancing its budget, and income distribution is relatively equal. Belgium began circulating the euro currency in January 2002. Economic growth in 2001-03 dropped sharply because of the global economic slowdown, with moderate recovery in 2004-07. Economic growth and foreign direct investment dropped again in 2008, and will probably continue to slow in 2009 due to tightened credit, falling consumer and business confidence, and above average inflation.
the environment is exposed to intense pressures from human activities: urbanization, dense transportation network, industry, extensive animal breeding and crop cultivation; air and water pollution also have repercussions for neighboring countries; uncertainties regarding federal and regional responsibilities (now resolved) had slowed progress in tackling environmental challenges

Cities in Belgium

aalst     aalter     aarschot     aartselaar     alken     alveringem     amay     amel     andenne     anderlues     anhee     ans     anthisnes     antoing     antwerp     anzegem     ardooie     arendonk     arlon     as     asse     assenede     assesse     ath     attert     aubange     aubel     avelgem     awans     aywaille     baarle-hertog     baelen     balen     bassenge     bastogne     beaumont     beauraing     beauvechain     beernem     beerse     beersel     begijnendijk     bekkevoort     beloeil     beringen     berlaar     berlare     berloz     bernissart     bertem     bertogne     bertrix     bever     beveren     beyne-heusay     bierbeek     bievre     bilzen     binche     blankenberge     blegny     bocholt     boechout     bonheiden     boom     boortmeerbeek     borgloon     bornem     borsbeek     bouillon     boussu     boutersem     braine-le-chateau     braine-le-comte     braives     brasschaat     brecht     bredene     bree     brugelette     brugge     brunehaut     brussels     buggenhout     bullingen     burdinne     butgenbach     celles     cerfontaine     chapelle-lez-herlaimont     charleroi     chastre     chatelet     chaudfontaine     chaumont-gistoux     chievres     chimay     chiny     ciney     clavier     colfontaine     comblain-au-pont     courcelles     court-saint-etienne     couvin     crisnee     dalhem     damme     daverdisse     de haan     de panne     de pinte     deerlijk     deinze     denderleeuw     dendermonde     dentergem     dessel     destelbergen     diepenbeek     diest     diksmuide     dilbeek     dinant     dison     doische     donceel     dour     drogenbos     duffel     durbuy     edegem     eeklo     eghezee     ellezelles     enghien     engis     erezee     erquelinnes     esneux     essen     estaimpuis     etalle     eupen     evergem     faimes     farciennes     fauvillers     ferrieres     fexhe-le-haut-clocher     fleron     fleurus     flobecq     floreffe     florennes     florenville     frameries     galmaarden     gavere     gedinne     geel     geer     geetbets     gembloux     genappe     genk     gent     geraardsbergen     gerpinnes     gesves     gingelom     gistel     glabbeek     gooik     gouvy     grez-doiceau     grimbergen     grobbendonk     haacht     haaltert     habay     halen     halle     hamme     hamoir     hamois     hannut     harelbeke     hasselt     hastiere     havelange     heers     heist-op-den-berg     hemiksem     hensies     herbeumont     herent     herentals     herenthout     herk-de-stad     herne     heron     herselt     herstal     herstappe     herve     herzele     hoegaarden     hoeilaart     hoeselt     holsbeek     hooglede     hoogstraten     hotton     houffalize     houthulst     houyet     hove     huldenberg     hulshout     huy     ichtegem     ieper     incourt     ingelmunster     ittre     izegem     jabbeke     jalhay     jodoigne     juprelle     jurbise     kalmthout     kampenhout     kapelle-op-den-bos     kapellen     kaprijke     kasterlee     keerbergen     kinrooi     knesselare     knokke-heist     koekelare     koksijde     kontich     kortemark     kortenaken     kortenberg     kortessem     kortrijk     kraainem     kruibeke     kruishoutem     kuurne     la bruyere     la hulpe     la louviere     la roche-en-ardenne     laarne     lanaken     landen     lebbeke     lede     ledegem     leglise     lendelede     lennik     lens     leopoldsburg     lessines     leuven     libin     lichtervelde     liedekerke     liege     lierneux     lille     limbourg     lincent     linkebeek     lint     lobbes     lochristi     lokeren     lommel     londerzeel     lontzen     lovendegem     lubbeek     lummen     maaseik     maasmechelen     machelen     maldegem     malmedy     manage     manhay     marche-en-famenne     marchin     martelange     mechelen     meerhout     meise     meix-devant-virton     melle     menen     merbes-le-chateau     merchtem     merelbeke     merksplas     mesen     messancy     mettet     meulebeke     middelkerke     modave     moerbeke     mol     momignies     mons     mont-saint-guibert     moorslede     morlanwelz     mortsel     mouscron     musson     namur     nandrin     nassogne     nazareth     neerpelt     neufchateau     nevele     niel     nieuwerkerken     nieuwpoort     nijlen     ninove     nivelles     ohey     olen     olne     onhaye     oosterzele     oostkamp     oostrozebeke     opglabbeek     opwijk     oreye     ostend     oud-heverlee     oud-turnhout     oudenaarde     oudenburg     ouffet     oupeye     overijse     overpelt     paliseul     pecq     peer     pepingen     pepinster     peruwelz     perwez     philippeville     pittem     plombieres     pont-a-celles     poperinge     profondeville     putte     puurs     quaregnon     quievrain     raeren     ranst     ravels     remicourt     rendeux     retie     riemst     rijkevorsel     rixensart     rochefort     roeselare     ronse     rotselaar     rouvroy     ruiselede     rumes     rumst     saint-ghislain     saint-hubert     saint-leger     saint-nicolas     sainte-ode     schelle     schilde     schoten     seneffe     seraing     silly     sint-amands     sint-genesius-rode     sint-gillis-waas     sint-katelijne-waver     sint-laureins     sint-lievens-houtem     sint-martens-latem     sint-niklaas     sint-pieters-leeuw     sint-truiden     soignies     sombreffe     somme-leuze     soumagne     spa     sprimont     stabroek     staden     stavelot     steenokkerzeel     stekene     stoumont     tellin     temse     tenneville     ternat     tervuren     tessenderlo     theux     thuin     tielt     tienen     tinlot     tintigny     tongeren     torhout     tournai     tremelo     trooz     tubize     turnhout     vaux-sur-sure     verlaine     verviers     veurne     vielsalm     villers-la-ville     villers-le-bouillet     vilvoorde     virton     vise     vorselaar     vosselaar     waarschoot     waasmunster     wachtebeke     waimes     walcourt     walhain     wanze     waregem     waremme     wasseiges     waterloo     wavre     welkenraedt     wellen     wellin     wemmel     wervik     westerlo     wetteren     wevelgem     wezembeek-oppem     wichelen     wielsbeke     wijnegem     willebroek     wingene     wommelgem     wuustwezel     yvoir     zandhoven     zaventem     zedelgem     zele     zelzate     zemst     zingem     zoersel     zomergem     zonhoven     zonnebeke     zottegem     zoutleeuw     zuienkerke     zulte     zutendaal     zwevegem     zwijndrecht    

National airlines
Sabenaairline website

Airports in Belgium
Antwerpen International Airport (Deurne)ANR
Charleroi Brussels SoCRL

Beer in Belgium (0.33l)
Aalst~ 1 EUR
Aartselaar~ 1.1 EUR
Achel~ 0.8 EUR
Adinkerke~ 1.9 EUR
Antwerp~ 1 EUR
Antwerp~ 1 EUR
Asse~ 0.9 EUR
Avelgem~ 0.9 EUR
Averbode~ 1.2 EUR
Baarle~ 1.8 EUR
Baasrode~ 0.6 EUR
Beerse~ 0.8 EUR
Bekkevoort~ 0.8 EUR
Berlaar~ 0.8 EUR
Bilzen~ 0.9 EUR
Bocholt~ 0.7 EUR
Booischot~ 0.8 EUR
Boom~ 1.5 EUR
Brasschaat~ 0.9 EUR
Brecht~ 0.9 EUR
Bree~ 1.1 EUR
Broechem~ 0.9 EUR
Bruges~ 1.1 EUR
Brugge~ 1.3 EUR
Brussels~ 1.5 EUR
Brussels~ 1.5 EUR
Brussels~ 1.5 EUR
Charleroi~ 1 EUR
Deinze~ 0.8 EUR
Dessel~ 1.1 EUR
Deurne~ 0.8 EUR
Diepenbeek~ 0.9 EUR
Diest~ 1.1 EUR
Diksmuide~ 0.6 EUR
Eppegem~ 0.9 EUR
Geel~ 0.8 EUR
Geluwe~ 0.8 EUR
Genk~ 1 EUR
Gent~ 1 EUR
Gent~ 1 EUR
Ghent~ 1.1 EUR
Grobbendonk~ 0.8 EUR
Hallaar~ 0.7 EUR
Halle~ 0.5 EUR
Hamont~ 0.7 EUR
Hasselt~ 0.9 EUR
Hasselt~ 0.9 EUR
Hemiksem~ 0.9 EUR
Herentals~ 1.7 EUR
Heultje~ 0.7 EUR
Hoboken~ 0.9 EUR
Hoeselt~ 0.7 EUR
Hoogstraten~ 1 EUR
Hoogstraten~ 1 EUR
Horendonk~ 0.9 EUR
Houthalen~ 1 EUR
Ieper~ 1.4 EUR
Ieper~ 1.4 EUR
Izegem~ 0.8 EUR
Kapelle-op-den-bos~ 0.8 EUR
Kapellen~ 0.9 EUR
Kermt~ 1 EUR
Knokke~ 2.1 EUR
Koersel~ 1.7 EUR
Kortrijk~ 0.9 EUR
Kortrijk~ 0.9 EUR
Kuringen~ 1 EUR
Laarne~ 0.9 EUR
Lanaken~ 0.6 EUR
Landegem~ 1.9 EUR
Leuven~ 1 EUR
Leuven~ 1 EUR
Liege~ 1.1 EUR
Liège~ 1.1 EUR
Lille~ 0.7 EUR
Lochristi~ 1.3 EUR
Loenhout~ 1.1 EUR
Lommel~ 1.5 EUR
Maaseik~ 0.7 EUR
Maldegem~ 0.9 EUR
Mechelen~ 1.1 EUR
Meerhout~ 0.7 EUR
Meerle~ 1 EUR
Menen~ 0.7 EUR
Merksplas~ 0.8 EUR
Minderhout~ 1.1 EUR
Moere~ 0.7 EUR
Mol~ 1 EUR
Mol~ 1 EUR
Mons~ 1.1 EUR
Mortsel~ 0.7 EUR
Oelegem~ 1 EUR
Oostende~ 0.8 EUR
Oostende~ 0.8 EUR
Oostmalle~ 0.9 EUR
Peer~ 0.9 EUR
Peer~ 0.9 EUR
Poelkapelle~ 1.4 EUR
Poperinge~ 0.9 EUR
Retie~ 0.9 EUR
Retie~ 0.9 EUR
Riemst~ 0.8 EUR
Schelle~ 0.7 EUR
Schilde~ 1.2 EUR
Schoten~ 1.3 EUR
Schulen~ 0.9 EUR
Sint-Niklaas~ 1.1 EUR
Sint-Truiden~ 0.7 EUR
Sint-truiden~ 0.7 EUR
Ternat~ 0.7 EUR
Testelt~ 0.7 EUR
Tielt~ 1 EUR
Tienen~ 0.5 EUR
Tongeren~ 1.1 EUR
Turnhout~ 0.9 EUR
Veurne~ 0.9 EUR
Voormezele~ 0.8 EUR
Waasmunster~ 0.9 EUR
Wambeek~ 0.9 EUR
Waregem~ 1 EUR
Wellen~ 0.9 EUR
Westerlo~ 0.7 EUR
Wetteren~ 1.5 EUR
Wijnegem~ 0.8 EUR
Willebroek~ 0.7 EUR
Wilrijk~ 1 EUR
Wommelgem~ 0.8 EUR
Wortel~ 0.7 EUR
Wuustwezel~ 0.8 EUR
Zammelen~ 0.5 EUR
Zammelen~ 0.5 EUR
Zandhoven~ 0.9 EUR
Zarren~ 0.8 EUR
Zellik~ 0.6 EUR
Zemst~ 0.8 EUR
Zemst~ 0.8 EUR
Zoersel~ 0.9 EUR
Zomergem~ 0.6 EUR
Zonhoven~ 0.8 EUR
Zonhoven~ 0.8 EUR
Zwevegem~ 1.4 EUR

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