What are people in ages 50+ looking for?

Based on analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, travel is among the very top aspirations for people in age 50+ and personal travel spend per year for the group is more than $120 billion, and it's expected to grow as baby boomers have more and more time to travel. A nonprofit organization AARP recently came out with a new travel website AARP Travel and to offer simpler travelling planning options for the 50+ age group as well as to everyone else, they conducted a new research about the habits of 50+ travellers.

The study revealed that the average 50+ traveller spends roughly 18 hours every year for booking trips, and up to 36 hours a year planning trips. All that to take six overnight trips (NOT related to business) a year to destinations at least 50 miles from their home. And eight out of ten Americans use internet to plan and book their personal trips.

"The 50+ are looking to enjoy all aspects of travel. Currently, the market is fragmented and people have to open multiple sites at once just to plan a trip. We built AARP Travel to make travel fun and easy with the tools, information and offerings needed. We want the 50+ make the most of every moment and every dollar, " said Stephanie Miles, Vice President, Member Value for AARP.

And the new website, AARP Travel (travel.aarp.org/welcome), has been built with all that in mind, to offer people a simple way to plan and book their trips. Learn more about it all below.

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