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Paraguay is located in Central South America, northeast of Argentina

Facts about Paraguay
Population6,831,306 (July 2008 est.
Time zoneUTC-4 (1 hour ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
Location Central South America, northeast of Argentina

General info about Paraguay
In the disastrous War of the Triple Alliance (1865-70) - between Paraguay and Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay - Paraguay lost two-thirds of all adult males and much of its territory. It stagnated economically for the next half century. In the Chaco War of 1932-35, Paraguay won large, economically important areas from Bolivia. The 35-year military dictatorship of Alfredo STROESSNER ended in 1989, and, despite a marked increase in political infighting in recent years, Paraguay has held relatively free and regular presidential elections since then.
Disease threats
degree of risk: intermediate food or waterborne diseases: bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, and
Languages spoken
Spanish (official), Guarani (official)
What about drugs?
major illicit producer of cannabis, most or all of which is consumed in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile; transshipment country for Andean cocaine headed for Brazil, other Southern Cone markets, and Europe; weak border controls, extensive corruption and money-laundering activity, especially in the Tri-Border Area; weak anti-money-laundering laws and enforcement
Ethnic division
mestizo (mixed Spanish and Amerindian) 95%, other 5%
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate
0.5% (2003 est.)
subtropical to temperate; substantial rainfall in the eastern portions, becoming semiarid in the far west
hydropower, timber, iron ore, manganese, limestone
Landlocked Paraguay has a market economy marked by a large informal sector, featuring reexport of imported consumer goods to neighboring countries, as well as the activities of thousands of microenterprises and urban street vendors. A large percentage of the population, especially in rural areas, derives its living from agricultural activity, often on a subsistence basis. Because of the importance of the informal sector, accurate economic measures are difficult to obtain. On a per capita basis, real income has stagnated at 1980 levels. Most observers attribute Paraguay's poor economic performance to political uncertainty, corruption, limited progress on structural reform, and deficient infrastructure. The economy rebounded between 2003 and 2008, however, as growing world demand for commodities combined with high prices and favorable weather to support Paraguay's commodity-based export expansion. Paraguay is the sixth largest soy producer in the world.
deforestation; water pollution; inadequate means for waste disposal pose health risks for many urban residents; loss of wetlands

Cities in Paraguay

abai     acahay     alberdi     alto vera     altos     antequera     aregua     arroyos y esteros     asuncion     atyra     ayolas     belen     bella vista     benjamin aceval     borja     buena vista     caacupe     caaguazu     caapucu     caazapa     cambyreta     capiata     capiibary     capitan bado     capitan meza     capitan miranda     caraguatay     carapegua     carayao     carlos antonio lopez     carmen del parana     cerrito     chore     concepcion     coronel bogado     coronel martinez     coronel oviedo     corpus christi     curuguaty     desmochados     doctor botrell     doctor cecilio baez     doctor juan leon mallorquin     doctor juan manuel frutos     doctor pedro p. pena     edelira     emboscada     encarnacion     escobar     eusebio ayala     felix perez cardozo     fernando de la mora     filadelfia     fram     fuerte olimpo     general artigas     general delgado     general elizardo aquino     general higinio morinigo     general jose eduvigis diaz     guarambare     hohenau     horqueta     humaita     independencia     isla pucu     isla umbu     ita     itacurubi de la cordillera     itacurubi del rosario     itanara     itape     itapua poty     itaquyry     itaugua     iturbe     jesus     juan de mena     la colmena     la paz     lambare     laureles     leandro oviedo     lima     limpio     loma grande     los cedrales     luque     maciel     mariano roque alonso     mayor pablo lagerenza     mbocayaty     mbutuy     mbuyapey     nacunday     naranjal     natalicio talavera     natalio     nemby     nueva alborada     nueva colombia     nueva germania     nueva italia     nueva londres     numi     obligado     paraguari     paso de patria     pedro juan caballero     pilar     pirapo     pirayu     piribebuy     pozo colorado     presidente franco     primero de marzo     puerto pinasco     quiindy     quyquyho     repatriacion     salto del guaira     san alberto     san antonio     san bernardino     san carlos     san cosme y damian     san cristobal     san estanislao     san joaquin     san jose de los arroyos     san jose obrero     san juan bautista     san juan bautista de neembucu     san juan del parana     san juan nepomuceno     san lazaro     san lorenzo     san miguel     san patricio     san pedro de ycuamandiyu     san pedro del parana     san rafael del parana     san salvador     santa elena     santa maria     santa rita     santa rosa     santiago     sapucai     tacuaras     tacuati     tavai     tobati     trinidad     union     valenzuela     veinticinco de diciembre     villa elisa     villa florida     villa franca     villa hayes     villa oliva     villalbin     villarrica     villeta     yabebyry     yaguaron     yataity     yataity del norte     ybycui     ybytimi     yegros     ygatimi     yhu     ypacarai     ypane     yuty    

Airports in Paraguay
Guarani International Airport (Alejo Garcia)AGT
Silvio Pettirossi International AirportASU
Teniente Prim AlarconENO
Mariscal EstigarribiaESG
Pedro Juan CaballeroPJC

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