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Zambia is located in Southern Africa, east of Angola

Facts about Zambia
Population11,669,534 note: es
Time zoneUTC+2 (7 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
Location Southern Africa, east of Angola

General info about Zambia
The territory of Northern Rhodesia was administered by the [British] South Africa Company from 1891 until it was taken over by the UK in 1923. During the 1920s and 1930s, advances in mining spurred development and immigration. The name was changed to Zambia upon independence in 1964. In the 1980s and 1990s, declining copper prices and a prolonged drought hurt the economy. Elections in 1991 brought an end to one-party rule, but the subsequent vote in 1996 saw blatant harassment of opposition parties. The election in 2001 was marked by administrative problems with three parties filing a legal petition challenging the election of ruling party candidate Levy MWANAWASA. The new president launched an anticorruption investigation in 2002 to probe high-level corruption during the previous administration. In 2006-07, this task force successfully prosecuted four cases, including a landmark civil case in the UK in which former President CHILUBA and numerous others were found liable for USD 41 million. MWANAWASA was reelected in 2006 in an election that was deemed free and fair. Upon his abrupt death in August 2008, he was succeeded by his Vice-president Rupiah BANDA, who subsequently won a special presidential election in October 2008.
Disease threats
degree of risk: very high food or waterborne diseases: bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepat
Languages spoken
English (official), major vernaculars - Bemba, Kaonda, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja, Tonga, and about 70 other indigenous languages
What about drugs?
transshipment point for moderate amounts of methaqualone, small amounts of heroin, and cocaine bound for southern Africa and possibly Europe; a poorly developed financial infrastructure coupled with a government commitment to combating money laundering make it an unattractive venue for money launderers; major consumer of cannabis
Ethnic division
African 98.7%, European 1.1%, other 0.2%
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate
16.5% (2003 est.)
tropical; modified by altitude; rainy season (October to April)
copper, cobalt, zinc, lead, coal, emeralds, gold, silver, uranium, hydropower
Zambia's economy has experienced strong growth in recent years, with real GDP growth in 2005-08 about 6% per year. Privatization of government-owned copper mines in the 1990s relieved the government from covering mammoth losses generated by the industry and greatly improved the chances for copper mining to return to profitability and spur economic growth. Copper output has increased steadily since 2004, due to higher copper prices and foreign investment. In 2005, Zambia qualified for debt relief under the Highly Indebted Poor Country Initiative, consisting of approximately USD 6 billion in debt relief. Zambia experienced a bumper harvest in 2007, which helped to boost GDP and agricultural exports and contain inflation. Although poverty continues to be significant problem in Zambia, its economy has strengthened, featuring single-digit inflation, a relatively stable currency, decreasing interest rates, and increasing levels of trade. The decline in world commodity prices and demand will hurt GDP growth in 2009, and elections and campaign promises are likely to weaken Zambia's improved fiscal stance.
air pollution and resulting acid rain in the mineral extraction and refining region; chemical runoff into watersheds; poaching seriously threatens rhinoceros, elephant, antelope, and large cat populations; deforestation; soil erosion; desertification; lack of adequate water treatment presents human health risks

Cities in Zambia

chadiza     chama     chambishi     chibombo     chililabombwe     chingola     chinsali     chipata     choma     chongwe     gwembe     isoka     kabompo     kabwe     kafue     kalabo     kalengwa     kalomo     kalulushi     kansanshi     kaoma     kapiri mposhi     kaputa     kasama     kasempa     katete     kawambwa     kitwe     limulunga     livingstone     luangwa     luanshya     lukulu     lundazi     lusaka     luwingu     maamba     mansa     mazabuka     mbala     mkushi     mongu     monze     mpika     mpongwe     mporokoso     mpulungu     mufulira     mufumbwe     mumbwa     mungwi     mwense     mwinilunga     nakambala     nakonde     namwala     nchelenge     ndola     nyimba     petauke     samfya     senanga     serenje     sesheke     siavonga     sinazongwe     solwezi     zambezi    

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