Information about travelling to India

India is located in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan

Facts about India
Population1,147,995,904 (July 2008
CapitalNew Delhi
Time zoneUTC+5.5 (10.5 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
Location Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan

General info about India
Aryan tribes from the northwest infiltrated onto the Indian subcontinent about 1500 B.C.; their merger with the earlier Dravidian inhabitants created the classical Indian culture. The Maurya Empire of the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C. - which reached its zenith under ASHOKA - united much of South Asia. The Golden Age ushered in by the Gupta dynasty (4th to 6th centuries A.D.) saw a flowering of Indian science, art, and culture. Arab incursions starting in the 8th century and Turkic in the 12th were followed by those of European traders, beginning in the late 15th century. By the 19th century, Britain had assumed political control of virtually all Indian lands. Indian armed forces in the British army played a vital role in both World Wars. Nonviolent resistance to British colonialism led by Mohandas GANDHI and Jawaharlal NEHRU brought independence in 1947. The subcontinent was divided into the secular state of India and the smaller Muslim state of Pakistan. A third war between the two countries in 1971 resulted in East Pakistan becoming the separate nation of Bangladesh. India's nuclear weapons testing in 1998 caused Pakistan to conduct its own tests that same year. Despite impressive gains in economic investment and output, India faces pressing problems such as significant overpopulation, environmental degradation, extensive poverty, and ethnic and religious strife.
Disease threats
degree of risk: high food or waterborne diseases: bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, and t
Languages spoken
Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.1%, Telugu 7.2%, Marathi 7%, Tamil 5.9%, Urdu 5%, Gujarati 4.5%, Kannada 3.7%, Malayalam 3.2%, Oriya 3.2%, Punjabi 2.8%, Assamese 1.3%, Maithili 1.2%, other 5.9% note: English enjoys associate status but is the most important la
What about drugs?
world's largest producer of licit opium for the pharmaceutical trade, but an undetermined quantity of opium is diverted to illicit international drug markets; transit point for illicit narcotics produced in neighboring countries and throughout Southwest Asia; illicit producer of methaqualone; vulnerable to narcotics money laundering through the hawala system; licit ketamine and precursor production
Ethnic division
Indo-Aryan 72%, Dravidian 25%, Mongoloid and other 3% (2000)
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate
0.9% (2001 est.)
varies from tropical monsoon in south to temperate in north
coal (fourth-largest reserves in the world), iron ore, manganese, mica, bauxite, titanium ore, chromite, natural gas, diamonds, petroleum, limestone, arable land
India's diverse economy encompasses traditional village farming, modern agriculture, handicrafts, a wide range of modern industries, and a multitude of services. Services are the major source of economic growth, accounting for more than half of India's output with less than one third of its labor force. About three-fifths of the work force is in agriculture, leading the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government to articulate an economic reform program that includes developing basic infrastructure to improve the lives of the rural poor and boost economic performance. The government has reduced controls on foreign trade and investment. Higher limits on foreign direct investment were permitted in a few key sectors, such as telecommunications. However, tariff spikes in sensitive categories, including agriculture, and incremental progress on economic reforms still hinder foreign access to India's vast and growing market. Privatization of government-owned industries remains stalled and continues to generate political debate; populist pressure from within the UPA government and from its Left Front allies continues to restrain needed initiatives. The economy has posted an average growth rate of more than 7% in the decade since 1997, reducing poverty by about 10 percentage points. India achieved 8.5% GDP growth in 2006, 9.0% in 2007, and 7.3% in 2008, significantly expanding production of manufactures. India is capitalizing on its large numbers of well-educated people skilled in the English language to become a major exporter of software services and software workers. Economic expansion has helped New Delhi continue to make progress in reducing its federal fiscal deficit. However, strong growth combined with easy consumer credit and a real estate boom fueled inflation concerns in 2006-08, leading to a series of central bank interest rate hikes that have slowed credit growth and eased inflation concerns. The huge and growing population is the fundamental social, economic, and environmental problem.
deforestation; soil erosion; overgrazing; desertification; air pollution from industrial effluents and vehicle emissions; water pollution from raw sewage and runoff of agricultural pesticides; tap water is not potable throughout the country; huge and growing population is overstraining natural resources

Cities in India

abhayapuri     abiramam     abohar     abu road     achalpur     achhnera     adalaj     addanki     adilabad     adoni     adra     adur     aduturai     afzalgarh     afzalpur     agar     agartala     agra     ahmadabad     ahmadnagar     ahmadpur     ahraura     ahwa     aizawl     ajaigarh     ajjampur     ajmer     ajnala     ajra     akalgarh     akalkot     akaltara     akbarpur     akhnur     akividu     aklera     akodia     akola     akot     alampur     aland     alandi     alandur     alanganallur     alangayam     alangudi     alangulam     alappuzha     alawalpur     aldona     alibag     aliganj     aligarh     alipur     alipur duar     alirajpur     allahabad     allahganj     allapalli     almora     alnavar     along     alot     alur     alwar     alwar tirunagari     alwaye     amalapuram     amalner     amanganj     amanpur     amarkantak     amarpatan     amarpur     amarwara     ambad     ambagarh chauki     ambah     ambahta     ambajogai     ambala     ambarnath     ambasamudram     ambattur     ambikapur     ambur     amet     amethi     amguri     amla     amlagora     amli     amloh     ammapettai     amod     amravati     amreli     amritsar     amroha     amroli     amta     amtala     amudalavalasa     amur     anaimalai     anakapalle     anand     anandnagar     anandpur sahib     anantapur     anantnag     andippatti     anekal     angamali     angul     anjad     anjangaon     anjar     anklesvar     ankola     annamalainagar     annavasal     annigeri     annur     antri     antu     anupgarh     anuppur     anupshahr     aonla     ara     arambagh     arang     arani     arantangi     araria     aravankadu     arcot     arimalam     ariyalur     arkalgud     arki     arnia     aron     arsikere     arukutti     arumbavur     arumuganeri     aruppukkottai     arvi     asandh     asansol     asarganj     ashoknagar     ashta     ashti     asifabad     asind     aska     atarra     ateli     athgarh     athmallik     athni     atmakur     atrauli     atraulia     attayyampatti     attingal     attur     aurad     auraiya     aurangabad     auras     ausa     avadi     avanashi     avanigadda     ayakudi     ayodhya     ayyampettai     azamgarh     babai     baberu     babina     babra     babrala     babugarh     bachhraon     badami     badarpur     badarwas     badgam     badhni kalan     badlapur     badnawar     baduria     badvel     bagaha     bagalkot     bagar     bagasara     bagepalli     bageshwar     bagh     baghdogra     baghmara     baghpat     bagli     bagnan     bagra     bagru     bagula     bah     bahadurganj     bahadurgarh     baharampur     baheri     bahjoi     bahraich     bahsuma     bahua     baidyabati     baihar     baikunthpur     bail hongal     baindur     baj baj     bajna     bakani     bakewar     bakhtiyarpur     bakloh     bakreswar     balaghat     balangir     balapur     balarampur     balasinor     baldeo     baldeogarh     baleshwar     bali     bali chak     ballarpur     ballia     bally     balod     baloda     baloda bazar     balotra     balrampur     balugaon     balurghat     bambolim     bamora     banapur     banat     banavar     banda     bandikui     bandipur     bandora     banga     bangalore     banganapalle     bangaon     bangarapet     bangarmau     banihal     banjar     banka     banki     bankra     bankura     banmankhi     bannur     banposh     bansbaria     bansda     bansdih     bansgaon     bansi     banswada     banswara     bantva     bapatla     bar bigha     baragaon     barakpur     baramati     baramula     baran     baranagar     barasat     barauli     baraut     barddhaman     bardoli     barela     bareli     bargarh     barghat     bargi     bargur     barh     barhi     barhiya     bari     bari sadri     baripada     barjora     barka kana     barkhera     barkot     barmer     barnala     barpali     barpathar     barpeta     barsana     barsi     baruipur     baruni     barwadih     barwaha     barwala     barwani     basar     basavakalyan     basavana bagevadi     basi     basirhat     basmat     basna     basoda     basti     basudebpur     basugaon     baswa     batala     batote     baudh     bawal     bawana     bayana     bazpur     beawar     bedi     begamganj     begampur     begowal     begun     begusarai     behat     bela     belaguntha     beldanga     belgaum     beliator     bellary     belluru     belonia     belsand     beltangadi     belur     benaulim     beniganj     beohari     berasia     beri     beswan     betamcherla     betma     bettiah     betul     betul bazar     bewar     beypur     bhabua     bhachau     bhadasar     bhaderwah     bhadohi     bhadra     bhadrachalam     bhadrak     bhadravati     bhadreswar     bhagalpur     bhagwantnagar     bhainsa     bhainsdehi     bhalki     bhandara     bhandardaha     bhander     bhanjanagar     bhanpura     bhanpuri     bhanvad     bharatpur     bharthana     bharuch     bharwari     bhasawar     bhatapara     bhatgaon     bhatkal     bhatpara     bhattiprolu     bhavani     bhavnagar     bhawanigarh     bhawanipatna     bhayavadar     bhigvan     bhikangaon     bhikhi     bhilai     bhilwara     bhim tal     bhimavaram     bhimunipatnam     bhind     bhindar     bhinga     bhinmal     bhitarwar     bhiwandi     bhiwani     bhojudih     bhongaon     bhongir     bhopal     bhor     bhowali     bhuban     bhubaneswar     bhuj     bhum     bhusawal     bhuvanagiri     biaora     bicholim     bid     bidar     bidhuna     bighapur     bihar     bihariganj     bijapur     bijawar     bijbiara     bijni     bijnor     bikaner     bikapur     bikramganj     bilara     bilari     bilasipara     bilaspur     bilaua     bilgi     bilgram     bilhaur     bilimora     bilkha     biloli     bilsanda     bilsi     bina-etawa     bindki     binika     birmitrapur     birpur     birur     bisalpur     bisauli     bishna     bishnupur     bissau     biswan     bithur     bobbili     bodh gaya     bodhan     bodinayakkanur     bodri     boisar     bokajan     bokaro     bolpur     bombay     bongaigaon     borsad     botad     brahmapur     brahmapuri     brajrajnagar     budaun     budhgaon     budhlada     buguda     bulandshahr     buldana     bundi     bundu     burhanpur     burhar     burla     buxar     byadgi     calcutta     candolim     canning     carapur     chabua     chaibasa     chail     chakan     chakia     chaklasi     chakradharpur     chakrata     chakulia     chalakudi     chalala     chalisgaon     challakere     challapalle     chamba     champa     champahati     champawat     champdani     champua     chamrajnagar     chanasma     chandannagar     chandauli     chandausi     chandbali     chanderi     chandia     chandigarh     chandil     chandla     chandpur     chandrakona     chandrapur     chandur     chandur bazar     chandvad     changanacheri     channagiri     channapatna     channarayapatna     chapar     charkhari     charkhi dadri     charthawal     chas     chatakonda     chatra     chatrapur     chatsu     chaupal     chavakkad     chechat     chengalpattu     chengam     chengannur     cherrapunji     chetpet     chettipalaiyam     cheyur     chhabra     chhachhrauli     chhapar     chhapra     chhaprauli     chhata     chhatapur     chhatarpur     chhibramau     chhindwara     chhoti sadri     chhuikhadan     chicalim     chichli     chicholi     chidambaram     chik ballapur     chikhli     chikitigarh     chikmagalur     chiknayakanhalli     chikodi     chilakalurupet     chinchani     chinchinim     chincholi     chinna salem     chinnammanur     chintamani     chiplun     chipurupalle     chirala     chirawa     chirgaon     chiria     chit baragaon     chitapur     chitradurga     chitrakonda     chittaranjan     chittaurgarh     chittur     chodavaram     chomun     chopan     chopda     chotila     chuari khas     chunar     churachandpur     churhat     churu     clement town     colgong     colonelganj     colvale     contai     cortalim     courtalam     cuddapah     cumbum     cuncolim     curchorem     curti     dabhoi     dabhol     daboh     dabra     dabwali     dadri     dagshai     dahanu     dahegam     dahod     daitari     dakor     dalhousie     dalkola     dalmau     dalsingh sarai     daltenganj     daman     damnagar     damoh     dandeli     dankaur     daosa     darbhanga     dariba     darjiling     darlawn     daryapur     dasna     dasuya     dataganj     datia     dattapur     daudnagar     daulatpur     daund     daurala     davorlim     dayal bagh     dehra dun     dehri     dehu     delhi     delvada     deoband     deogarh     deolali     deoli     deoranian     deori     deori khas     deoria     depalpur     dera baba nanak     dera gopipur     dergaon     deshnok     desur     deulgaon raja     devadanapatti     devanhalli     devaprayag     devarkonda     devgarh     devli     dewa     dewas     dhaka     dhali     dhamnod     dhampur     dhamtari     dhana     dhanaula     dhanaura     dhanbad     dhandhuka     dhanera     dhanwar     dhar     dharampur     dharampuri     dharangaon     dharapuram     dharchula     dhari     dhariwal     dharmabad     dharmadam     dharmanagar     dharmapuri     dharmavaram     dharur     dhaulpur     dhekiajuli     dhemaji     dhenkanal     dhilwan     dhing     dhola     dholka     dhone     dhoraji     dhrangadhra     dhrol     dhuburi     dhulagari     dhule     dhulian     dhupgari     dhuri     dhuwaran     diamond harbour     dibai     dibrugarh     didwana     dig     digapahandi     digboi     digha     dighwara     diglur     digras     dimapur     dinanagar     dindigul     dindori     dinhata     diphu     dirba     disa     dispur     diu     dod ballapur     doda     dohrighat     doiwala     dondaicha     dongargaon     doraha     dostpur     dubrajpur     dudhani     dugda     duliagaon     dum dum     dum duma     dumjor     dumka     dumra     dumraon     dundwaraganj     dungarpur     durg     durgapur     dusi     dwarahat     dwarka     egra     elayirampannai     ellenabad     elumalai     elur     eluru     eral     eraniel     erattupetta     erode     etah     etawah     ettaiyapuram     faizabad     faizpur     falakata     farah     farakka     faridabad     faridkot     faridnagar     faridpur     farrukhabad     farrukhnagar     fatehabad     fatehgarh     fatehgarh churian     fatehpur     fatehpur chaurasi     fatehpur sikri     fatwa     fazilka     feroke     firozabad     firozpur     firozpur jhirka     forbesganj     fort gloster     gadag     gadarwara     gadwal     gagret     gairatganj     gajendragarh     gajraula     galiakot     gandai     gandevi     gandhidham     gandhinagar     gangakher     ganganagar     gangapur     gangarampur     gangavalli     gangawati     gangoh     gangotri     gangtok     ganj muradabad     ganjam     gannavaram     garautha     gardhiwala     garhakota     garhshankar     gariaband     gariadhar     garui     garulia     garwa     gaurela     gauribidanur     gauripur     gawan     gaya     gevrai     gezing     ghamarwin     ghanaur     ghansor     gharghoda     ghatal     ghatampur     ghatanji     ghatsila     ghaziabad     ghazipur     ghiror     ghogha     ghorawal     ghosi     ghoti     ghugus     gidam     giddalur     giddarbaha     goa velha     goalpara     gobardanga     gobindapur     gobindpur     godda     godhra     gogapur     gohad     gohana     gohand     gohpur     gokak     gokul     gola bazar     gola gokarannath     golaghat     golakganj     gomoh     gonda     gondal     gopalganj     gopalpur     gopalur     gopamau     gopichettipalaiyam     gopinathpur     gorakhpur     goregaon     gormi     gorur     gosainganj     gossaigaon     govardhan     govindgarh     gua     gubbi     gudalur     gudari     gudibanda     gudivada     gudiyattam     gudur     guhagar     guirim     gulabpura     gulaothi     gulbarga     gulmarg     gumia     gumla     gummidipundi     guna     gundlupet     gunnaur     guntakal     guntur     gunupur     gurdaha     gurdaspur     gurgaon     gurh     gurmatkal     gursahaiganj     gursarai     guru har sahai     guruvayur     guskhara     guwahati     gwalior     gyanpur     habra     hadgaon     haflong     hailakandi     hajan     hajipur     haldaur     haldia     haldibari     haldwani     halisahar     haliyal     halol     halvad     hamirpur     handia     handwara     hangal     hansi     hansot     hanumangarh     haora     hapur     harda     hardoi     harduaganj     hariana     haridwar     harihar     harij     harindanga     haringhata     haripur     harpalpur     harpanahalli     harrai     harsud     harur     hasanpur     hassan     hastinapur     hata     hathras     hatod     hatta     haveri     hazaribag     herbertpur     hesla     hilsa     himatnagar     hindaun     hindoria     hindupur     hinganghat     hingoli     hinjilikatu     hirakud     hiranagar     hirapur     hirekerur     hiriyur     hisar     hisua     hodal     hojai     holalkere     hole narsipur     homnabad     honavar     honnali     hosakote     hosanagara     hosangadi     hosdurga     hoshangabad     hoshiarpur     hoskote     hospet     hosur     hubli     hukeri     hungund     hunsur     husainabad     hyderabad     ichalkaranji     ichchapuram     ichhawar     idappadi     idar     idukki     igatpuri     iglas     ikauna     ilampillai     ilkal     iluppur     imphal     indapur     indergarh     indi     indore     indri     ingraj bazar     irinjalakuda     irugur     isagarh     islamnagar     islampur     itanagar     itarsi     itaunja     itimadpur     jabalpur     jafarpur     jagadhri     jagalur     jagannathpur     jagatsinghapur     jagdalpur     jagdispur     jaggayyapeta     jagraon     jagtial     jahanabad     jahangirabad     jahangirpur     jahazpur     jaipur     jais     jaisalmer     jaisinghnagar     jaitaran     jakhal mandi     jalakandapuram     jalalabad     jalali     jalalpore     jalalpur     jalandhar     jalaun     jalesar     jaleswar     jalgaon     jalna     jalor     jalpaiguri     jamadoba     jamai     jamalpur     jambusar     jamkhandi     jamkhed     jammalamadugu     jammu     jamnagar     jamshedpur     jamtara     jamui     jamuria     janakpur road     jandiala     jangaon     jangipur     jansath     jaora     jarwal     jasdan     jashpurnagar     jasidih     jaspur     jasrana     jaswantnagar     jatara     jatni     jaunpur     jawad     jawala mukhi     jawar     jawhar     jaynagar     jaynagar-majilpur     jaypur     jaysingpur     jejuri     jetalsar     jetpur     jevargi     jewar     jha jha     jhabua     jhajjar     jhalawar     jhalida     jhalrapatan     jhalu     jhanjharpur     jhansi     jhargram     jharia     jharsuguda     jhinjhak     jhinjhana     jhunjhunun     jhusi     jind     jintur     jiran     jobat     jobner     jodhpur     jodiya     jogbani     jogighopa     jogindarnagar     jorhat     joshimath     joura     jua     jubbal     jugsalai     julana     junagadh     junagarh     junnar     jutogh     kabrai     kachhwa     kadambur     kadaura     kadayanallur     kadi     kadipur     kadiri     kadur     kagal     kagaznagar     kaikalur     kailaras     kailasahar     kaimganj     kaimur     kairana     kaithal     kakching     kakinada     kakori     kakrala     kalagarh     kalaikunda     kalamb     kalamnuri     kalanaur     kalanwali     kalas     kalavad     kalavai     kalghatgi     kalikapur     kalinagar     kaliyaganj     kalka     kallidaikurichchi     kallupatti     kalmeshwar     kalna     kalol     kalpi     kalugumalai     kalyan     kalyani     kamakhyanagar     kamalapuram     kamalganj     kamalpur     kaman     kamareddi     kamarhati     kambam     kampil     kampli     kamthi     kanadukathan     kanakapura     kanchipuram     kanchrapara     kandhla     kandi     kandla     kandra     kandri     kangayam     kangra     kanigiri     kanina     kankavli     kanke     kanker     kankipadu     kankon     kannad     kannangad     kannauj     kanniyakumari     kannod     kannur     kanodar     kanor     kanpur     kant     kantabanji     kanth     kantilo     kapasan     kapra     kaptanganj     kapurthala     karad     karaikkudi     karamadai     karambakkudi     karamsad     karanja     karanpura     karari     karauli     kareli     karera     kargil     karhal     kariapatti     karimganj     karimnagar     karimpur     karjat     karkal     karmala     karnal     karrapur     karsiyang     kartarpur     karumbakkam     karur     karwar     kasaragod     kasauli     kasba     kasganj     kashipur     kasimbazar     kasrawad     katangi     katghora     kathor     kathua     katihar     katol     katpadi     katra     katras     kattivakkam     katwa     kavali     kavant     kavaratti     kaveripattinam     kawardha     kayalpattinam     kayankulam     kayattar     kedarnath     kekri     kelamangalam     kemri     kenda     kendrapara     kenduadih     kerur     kesabpur     keshod     keshorai patan     kesinga     khachrod     khadki     khaga     khagaria     khagaul     khailar     khair     khairabad     khairagarh     khajuraho     khalilabad     khamanon     khamaria     khambhaliya     khambhat     khamgaon     khammam     khanapur     khandela     khandwa     khanna     khanpur     khapa     kharagpur     kharakvasla     kharar     khardaha     kharela     khargapur     khargone     khargupur     kharhial     kharod     kharsawan     kharsia     khatauli     khategaon     khatima     khatra     khawhai     khed     khed brahma     kheda     khekra     khem karan     kheralu     kheri     khetia     khetri     khilchipur     khirkiya     khonsa     khopoli     khour     khowai     khudaganj     khujner     khuldabad     khunti     khurai     khurda     khurja     khutar     kichha     kilakarai     kilvelur     kinwat     kiranur     kiraoli     kiratpur     kiri buru     kishanganj     kishangarh     kishanpur     kishni     kishtwar     koath     koch bihar     kochi     kochinda     kodaikanal     kodala     kodar     kodarma     kodigenahalli     kodinar     kodlipet     kodoli     kodumudi     kodungallur     kohima     kokrajhar     kolar     kolaras     kolhapur     kollam     kollegal     kombai     konanur     konch     kondagaon     kondapalle     konganapuram     konnagar     konnur     kopaganj     kopargaon     koppa     koppal     koradacheri     korampallam     koraput     koratagere     koratla     korba     koregaon     kosamba     kosgi     kot isa khan     kot kapura     kot khai     kot putli     kota     kotagiri     kotaparh     kotar     kotdwara     kothapet     kothi     kotma     kotra     kottagudem     kottaiyur     kottapalli     kottayam     kotturu     kovilpatti     kovur     kovvur     koyilandi     krishnagiri     krishnanagar     krishnapur     krishnarajasagara     krishnarajpet     kuchaman     kuchera     kud     kudal     kudchi     kudligi     kuju     kukshi     kulgam     kulpahar     kulti     kulu     kumbakonam     kumbhraj     kumhari     kumher     kumsi     kumta     kunda     kundarki     kundgol     kundla     kunigal     kunnamangalam     kunnamkulam     kuppam     kurali     kurandvad     kurara     kurduvadi     kurgunta     kurinjippadi     kurud     kushalgarh     kushalnagar     kushtagi     kutiyana     kuttanallur     kuzhithurai     lachhmangarh     ladnun     ladwa     lahar     laharpur     lakheri     lakhimpur     lakhipur     lakhisarai     lakhna     lakhnadon     lakhnau     lakhtar     laksar     lakshettipet     lakshmeshwar     lala     lalganj     lalgudi     lalitpur     lalpur     lalsot     lanja     lar     lasalgaon     latehar     lathi     latur     lawar     leh     limbdi     lingsugur     lodhikheda     lohardaga     loharu     lonar     lonavale     londa     loni     lormi     losal     loyabad     ludhiana     lumding     lunavada     lunglei     machalpur     macherla     machhiwara     machhlishahr     machilipatnam     madanapalle     madanpur     maddur     madgaon     madhavaram     madhipura     madhoganj     madhogarh     madhubani     madhugiri     madhupur     madhyamgram     madikeri     madras     madukkarai     madukkur     madurai     magadi     magam     maghar     mahabaleshwar     mahaban     mahad     mahalingpur     maham     maharajganj     mahasamund     mahbubabad     mahbubnagar     mahe     mahemdavad     mahendragarh     mahesana     maheshwar     mahiari     mahishadal     mahmudabad     mahoba     maholi     mahroni     mahudha     mahur     mahuva     mahwa     maibong     maihar     mailani     mainaguri     maindargi     mainpuri     mairang     mairwa     maisuru     majalgaon     majholi     majitha     makhu     makrana     maksi     makum     malappuram     malaut     malavalli     malegaon     maler kotla     malhargarh     malia     malihabad     malkangiri     malkapur     malkera     mallapuram     mallasamudram     mallur     malpe     malpur     malpura     malur     malwan     mamallapuram     mamit     manali     manalurpet     manamadurai     manapparai     manasa     manavadar     manavalakurichi     manawar     manchar     mancheral     mandal     mandalgarh     mandapam     mandapeta     mandasa     mandawar     mandi     mandla     mandleshwar     mandsaur     mandvi     mandya     maner     mangalagiri     mangalam     mangaldai     mangaluru     mangan     mangawan     manglaur     mangrol     mangrul pir     manihari     manikpur     manjeri     manjeshwar     manjhanpur     mankachar     mankapur     manmad     mannarakkat     mannargudi     manohar thana     manoharpur     manor     manpur     mansa     mansar     manthani     manvi     manwath     marakkanam     marandahalli     margherita     marhaura     mariahu     mariani     markapur     masaurhi     masila     masinigudi     masuri     mataundh     matheran     mathura     mau     mau aima     maudaha     mauganj     maur     maurawan     mavelikara     mavur     mawana     mayakonda     mayang imphal     medak     meghraj     mehkar     mehnagar     mehndawal     melukote     melur     memari     merta     methala     mettupalayam     mettur     mhasla     mihijam     mihona     milak     minjur     miranpur     mirganj     mirik     mirzapur     misrikh     modasa     moga     mohan     mohanur     mohgaon     mohiuddinagar     mohpa     moirang     mokama     mokokchung     mon     monoharpur     moradabad     moram     morar     morena     mormugao     morvi     morwa     moth     motihari     mount abu     mubarakpur     mudbidri     muddebihal     mudgal     mudhol     mudigere     mudkhed     mughal sarai     mugma     muhammadabad     mukerian     muktsar     mul     mulanur     mulbagal     mulgund     mulki     multai     munak     mundargi     mundgod     mundi     mundra     mundwa     mungaoli     mungeli     munger     munirabad     muradnagar     muragachha     murbad     murgud     muri     murliganj     mursan     murshidabad     murud     murwara     musafirkhana     mushabani     musiri     mustafabad     muttupet     muvattupula     muzaffarnagar     muzaffarpur     muzhappilangad     nabagram     nabha     nabinagar     nadapuram     nadaun     nadbai     nadiad     nadigaon     naduvattam     naenwa     nagamangala     nagapattinam     nagar     nagar karnul     nagari     nagaur     nagda     nagercoil     nagina     nagireddipalle     nagod     nagothana     nagpur     nagram     nahan     naigarhi     naihati     naini tal     nainpur     najibabad     nakodar     nakur     nalagarh     nalbari     naldurg     nalgonda     nalhati     naliya     namagiripettai     namakkal     nambiyur     nambutalai     namchi     namli     nanded     nandgaon     nandigama     nandikotkur     nandura     nandurbar     nandyal     nangal     nangavalli     nangloi jat     nanguneri     nanjangud     nannilam     nanpara     napasar     naraina     naraini     narasannapeta     narasapur     narasaraopet     narasimharajapura     narasingapuram     narauli     naraura     naravarikuppam     narayanavanam     narayangarh     narayanpet     naregal     narendranagar     narkanda     narnaul     narnaund     naroda     narsimhapur     narsingi     narsipatnam     narwana     narwar     nasirabad     naspur     nasriganj     nasrullaganj     nathdwara     nattam     nattarasankottai     naugachhia     nautanwa     navadwip     navalgund     navapur     navelim     navsari     nawa     nawabganj     nawada     nawalgarh     nawashahr     naya bazar     nayagarh     nayudupeta     nazira     nedumangad     nellikkuppam     nepa nagar     neral     nerkunram     netarhat     new delhi     neyveli     neyyattinkara     nichlaul     nidadavole     nidamangalam     nihtaur     nilagiri     nilakkottai     nilanga     nileshwar     nilokheri     nim ka thana     nimaj     nimaparha     nimbahera     nipani     nirmal     nirmali     nirsa     niwari     nizamabad     noamundi     nohar     nokha     nongpoh     nongstoin     north guwahati     north vanlaiphai     nuh     numaligarh     nurmahal     nurpur     nuzvid     nyamati     obra     odlabari     odugathur     ojhar     okha     olpad     omalur     ondal     ongole     orai     oran     osmanabad     ottappalam     pachmarhi     pachora     pachperwa     padampur     paddhari     padmanabhapuram     padra     padrauna     pahalgam     pahasu     paithan     pakala     pakaur     palakkad     palakkodu     palakollu     palamedu     palampur     palani     palanpur     palasa     palasbari     pale     palera     palghar     pali     palia kalan     palitana     paliyad     palkonda     palladam     pallapatti     pallattur     pallavaram     pallikonda     pallipattu     palmaner     palwal     panagar     panaji     panapakkam     panara     panchgani     panchla     pandaria     pandavapura     pandhana     pandharpur     pandhurna     pandoh     pandua     panhala     panihati     panipat     panna     pansemal     panvel     paonta sahib     papanasam     papparapatti     pappinisseri     paradip     paradwip     parasia     paravur     parbhani     pardi     parichha     parichhatgarh     parlakimidi     parli     parnera     parola     parole     partapur     partur     parvatipuram     parvatsar     pasan     pasighat     patamundai     patan     patancheru     pathalgaon     pathanamthitta     pathankot     pathardi     pathardih     patharia     pathri     patiala     patna     patnagarh     patrasaer     patratu     pattan     patti     pattukkottai     patuli     patur     pauri     pavagada     pawai     pawayan     payyannur     pedana     peddapalli     peddapuram     pehowa     pen     pendra     pennadam     pennagaram     pennathur     penugonda     penukonda     peraiyur     perambalur     peranamallur     peravurani     periyakulam     periyanayakkanpalaiyam     periyanegamam     periyapatti     pernem     perumpavur     perundurai     perur     petlad     petlawad     phagwara     phalauda     phalodi     phaltan     phaphund     phek     phillaur     phirangipuram     phulabani     phulera     phulpur     pihani     pilani     pilibanga     pilibhit     pilkhuwa     pimpri     pinahat     pindwara     pinjaur     pipar     pipili     piploda     pipraich     pipri     piravam     pirawa     piriyapatna     piro     pithapuram     pithora     pithoragarh     pokaran     poladpur     polasara     pollachi     polur     ponda     pondicherry     ponnampet     ponnani     ponneri     porbandar     porsa     port blair     pratapgarh     proddatur     pudukkottai     pudur     pujali     pukhrayan     pulgaon     pulivendla     puliyankudi     puliyur     pullampadi     pulwama     punahana     punalur     pundri     pune     punganuru     punjai puliyampatti     puranpur     puri     purna     purnia     puruliya     purushottampur     purwa     pusad     pushkar     puttur     qadian     qazigund     quepem     queula     rabkavi     rabupura     radaur     radha kund     radhanpur     rae bareli     rafiganj     raghogarh     raghudebbati     raghunathpur     raha     rahatgarh     rahimatpur     rahon     rahuri     raia     raichur     raiganj     raigarh     raikot     raipur     rairangpur     raisen     raisinghnagar     raiwala     raja sansi     rajakhera     rajaldesar     rajamahendri     rajampet     rajapalaiyam     rajapur     rajauri     rajgarh     rajgir     rajgurunagar     rajkot     rajmahal     rajnagar     rajpipla     rajpur     rajpura     rajsamand     rajula     rajur     rajura     ram das     ramachandrapuram     ramanagaram     ramanathapuram     ramanuj ganj     ramapuram     ramban     rambha     ramchandrapur     rameswaram     ramganj mandi     ramgarh     ramjibanpur     ramkola     ramnagar     rampur     rampur hat     rampura     ramtek     ranaghat     ranapur     ranavav     ranchi     rangapara     rangia     rangpo     rani     rania     ranibennur     raniganj     ranikhet     ranipur     ranir bazar     rapar     rasipuram     rasra     rasulabad     ratangarh     ratanpur     rath     ratlam     ratnagiri     raurkela     raver     rawatbhata     rawatsar     raxaul     ray     raya     rayachoti     rayadrug     rayagada     raybag     raypur     razam     razole     redhakhol     rehli     rehti     remuna     rengali     renigunta     renukut     reoti     repalle     revadanda     revelganj     rewa     rewari     richha     ringas     rishikesh     rishra     risod     robertsganj     robertsonpet     rohru     rohtak     ron     rudarpur     rudraprayag     rupnagar     rura     rusera     sabalgarh     sabathu     sabrum     sachin     sadabad     sadalgi     sadasivpet     sadat     sadri     safidon     safipur     sagar     sagauli     sahapur     saharanpur     saharsa     sahaspur     sahaswan     sahawar     sahibganj     saidpur     saiha     sailana     saint thomas mount     sainthia     sairang     sakit     sakleshpur     sakti     salaya     saligao     salimpur     salon     salumbar     salur     samalkha     samalkot     samana     samastipur     samba     sambalpur     sambhal     sambhar     samdari     samrala     samthar     sanand     sanaur     sanawad     sanchi     sanchor     sancoale     sandi     sandila     sandur     sangamner     sangareddi     sangod     sangrur     sanguem     sanivarsante     sankarpur     sankeshwar     sankheda     sankrail     sanquelim     santokhgarh     santoshpur     sanvordem     sanwer     sapatgram     sarahan     sarai mir     saraikela     saraipali     sarangarh     sarangpur     sarauli     sardarpur     sardarshahr     sardhana     sardulgarh     sargur     sarila     sarka ghat     sarkhej     sarwar     sasaram     sasni     sasvad     satana     satara     satna     satrikh     sattankulam     sattenapalle     sattur     satwas     saundatti yellamma     saurikh     sausar     savantvadi     savanur     savda     sawai madhopur     sayalgudi     sayla     sedam     sehore     selam     selu     semaria     sendhwa     seohara     seondha     seoni     seoni malwa     serchhip     serula     shahabad     shahada     shahapur     shahdol     shahganj     shahgarh     shahi     shahjahanpur     shahkot     shahpur     shahpura     shaikhpura     shajapur     sham churasi     shamgarh     shamli     shamsabad     shankargarh     shantipur     shegaon     sheoganj     sheopur     shergarh     sherghati     sherkot     shertallai     shiggaon     shikarpur     shikohabad     shiliguri     shillong     shimla     shimoga     shirdi     shirgaon     shirhatti     shirpur     shirwal     shivrajpur     sholapur     sholavandan     shoranur     shorapur     shrigonda     shrirampur     shrirangapattana     shujalpur     shupiyan     sibsagar     siddapur     siddhapur     siddipet     sidhauli     sidhi     sidhpura     sidlaghatta     sihor     sihora     sijua     sika     sikandarabad     sikandarpur     sikandra     sikandra rao     sikar     silao     silchar     sillod     silvassa     simdega     simga     sindgi     sindhnur     sindi     singanallur     singaperumalkoil     singarayakonda     singtam     singur     sini     sinnar     sinor     siolim     sira     sirathu     sirhind     sirkali     sirmaur     sirohi     sironj     sirpur     sirsa     sirsaganj     sirsi     sirsilla     siruguppa     sirumugai     sirur     sisauli     siswa bazar     sitamarhi     sitamau     sitapur     sitarganj     siuri     sivaganga     sivagiri     sivakasi     siwan     siwana     siwani     siyana     sodpur     sohagpur     sohna     sojat     sojitra     solon     someshwar     sompeta     somvarpet     sonamukhi     sonamura     sonari     sonegaon     sonepur     songadh     sonipat     sopur     sorab     sorada     sorbhog     soro     soron     sri madhopur     srikakulam     srimushnam     srinagar     sringeri     srinivaspur     sriperumbudur     srirampur     srisailam     srivaikuntam     srivardhan     srivilliputtur     sualkuchi     suar     suchindram     sujangarh     suket     sultanpur     sulur     sulurpeta     sulya     sumbal     sunam     sundargarh     sundarnagar     sunel     supaul     surajgarh     surandai     surat     suratgarh     surendranagar     surgana     suriapet     susner     swamimalai     tadepalle     tadepallegudem     tadpatri     tajpur     takhatgarh     takhatpur     taki     tal     talaja     talbahat     talcher     talegaon dabhade     taleigao     talen     talgram     talikota     talipparamba     taloda     talwandi bhai     talwara     tambaram     tamluk     tanakpur     tanda     tandur     tankara     tanuku     taoru     tarabha     tarakeswar     taramangalam     tarana     taranagar     tarapur     tarn taran     tasgaon     tattayyangarpettai     tawang     teghra     tehri     tekanpur     tekari     tekkalakota     tekkali     telhara     tenali     tendukheda     tenkasi     teonthar     terdal     tezpur     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uchana     udagamandalam     udaipur     udaipura     udala     udalguri     udankudi     udayagiri     udgir     udhampur     udpura     udupi     ugu     ujhani     ujjain     uklana mandi     ukwa     ula     ulhasnagar     ullal     ulubaria     ulundurpettai     umarga     umaria     umarkhed     umarkot     umrala     umred     umreth     umri     un     una     unhel     uniara     unjha     unnao     upleta     uppiliapuram     uran     uravakonda     uri     usilampatti     utran     utraula     uttamapalaiyam     uttarkashi     uttiramerur     uttukkuli     vada     vadakku valliyur     vadamadurai     vadgaon     vadlapudi     vadnagar     vadodara     vaghodia     vaijapur     vaikam     valavanur     vallam     valparai     valpoi     valsad     vandalur     vandavasi     vaniyambadi     vapi     varanasi     varangaon     varca     varkkallai     vartej     vasai     vasudevanallur     vattalkundu     vayalar     vedaranniyam     vedasandur     vejalpur     velluru     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Airports in India
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International AirportAMD
Raja Sansi International AirportATQ
Rudra MataBHJ
Bengaluru International AirportBLR
Chhatrapati ShivajiBOM
Netaji Subhas ChandraCCU
Cooch BeharCOH
Dehra DunDED
Indira Gandhi InternationalDEL
Gaggal AirportDHM
Gandhinagar AirportISK
Port BlairIXZ
Rajkot Civil AirportRAJ

Beer in India (0.33l)
Bangalore~ 0.7 EUR
Bangalore~ 0.7 EUR
Bhopal~ 0.8 EUR
Chandigarh~ 1.4 EUR
Chennai~ 0.6 EUR
Chennai~ 0.6 EUR
Delhi~ 0.8 EUR
Goa~ 0.4 EUR
Goa~ 0.4 EUR
Haryana~ 0.4 EUR
Hyderabad~ 0.8 EUR
Mumbai~ 0.7 EUR
Mysore~ 0.7 EUR
New Delhi~ 0.4 EUR
New Delhi~ 0.4 EUR
New Delhi~ 0.4 EUR
Pondicherry~ 0.2 EUR
Port Blair~ 0.4 EUR
Pune~ 0.6 EUR
Visakhapatnam~ 0.3 EUR

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