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Germany is located in Central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark

Facts about Germany
Population82,369,552 (July 2008 est
Time zoneUTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time) daylight saving time: +1hr, begin
Location Central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark

General info about Germany
As Europe's largest economy and second most populous nation, Germany is a key member of the continent's economic, political, and defense organizations. European power struggles immersed Germany in two devastating World Wars in the first half of the 20th century and left the country occupied by the victorious Allied powers of the US, UK, France, and the Soviet Union in 1945. With the advent of the Cold War, two German states were formed in 1949: the western Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the eastern German Democratic Republic (GDR). The democratic FRG embedded itself in key Western economic and security organizations, the EC, which became the EU, and NATO, while the Communist GDR was on the front line of the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact. The decline of the USSR and the end of the Cold War allowed for German unification in 1990. Since then, Germany has expended considerable funds to bring Eastern productivity and wages up to Western standards. In January 1999, Germany and 10 other EU countries introduced a common European exchange currency, the euro.
Languages spoken
What about drugs?
source of precursor chemicals for South American cocaine processors; transshipment point for and consumer of Southwest Asian heroin, Latin American cocaine, and European-produced synthetic drugs; major financial center
Ethnic division
German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1% (made up largely of Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish)
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate
0.1% (2001 est.)
temperate and marine; cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers; occasional warm mountain (foehn) wind
coal, lignite, natural gas, iron ore, copper, nickel, uranium, potash, salt, construction materials, timber, arable land
The German economy - the fifth largest economy in the world in PPP terms and Europe's largest - officially entered a recession in the third quarter of 2008 as the strong euro, high oil prices, tighter credit markets, and slowing growth abroad took their toll on the world's leading goods exporter. Growth - 1.7% in 2008 - is widely expected to contract further in 2009. Recent stimulus and lender relief efforts will cut into Germany's budget surplus and undercut its efforts to balance its budget as planned. Prior to the downturn, stronger growth in 2007 led unemployment in 2008 to fall below 8%, a new post-reunification low. This suggested the end of a long period of chronically high unemployment and stagnation when average growth beween 2001-05 was only 0.6%. Among the most important reasons for Germany's high unemployment during the past decade were macroeconomic stagnation, the declining level of investment in plant and equipment, company restructuring, flat domestic consumption, structural rigidities in the labor market, lack of competition in the service sector, and high interest rates. The modernization and integration of the eastern German economy - where unemployment exceeds 30% in some municipalities - continues to be a costly long-term process, with annual transfers from west to east amounting to roughly $80 billion. The former government of Chancellor Gerhard SCHROEDER launched a comprehensive set of reforms of labor market and welfare-related institutions. The current government of Chancellor Angela MERKEL has initiated other reform measures, such as a gradual increase in the mandatory retirement age from 65 to 67 and measures to increase female participation in the labor market. Germany's aging population, combined with high chronic unemployment, has pushed social security outlays to a level exceeding contributions, but higher government revenues from the cyclical upturn in 2006-07 and a 3% rise in the value-added tax pushed Germany's budget deficit well below the EU's 3% debt limit. Corporate restructuring and growing capital markets are setting the foundations that could help Germany meet the long-term challenges of European economic integration and globalization, although some economists continue to argue the need for change in inflexible labor and services markets.
emissions from coal-burning utilities and industries contribute to air pollution; acid rain, resulting from sulfur dioxide emissions, is damaging forests; pollution in the Baltic Sea from raw sewage and industrial effluents from rivers in eastern Germany; hazardous waste disposal; government established a mechanism for ending the use of nuclear power over the next 15 years; government working to meet EU commitment to identify nature preservation areas in line with the EU's Flora, Fauna, and Habitat directive

Cities in Germany

aachen     aalen     abensberg     achern     achim     adendorf     aerzen     ahaus     ahlen     ahrensburg     aichach     ainring     aken     albstadt     aldenhoven     alfeld     alfter     alpen     alsdorf     alsfeld     altdorf     altena     altenburg     altenholz     altenstadt     altensteig     altotting     altusried     alzenau     alzey     amberg     andernach     angermunde     anklam     annaberg-buchholz     anrochte     ansbach     apen     apolda     arnsberg     arnstadt     aschaffenburg     ascheberg     aschersleben     asperg     attendorn     aue     auerbach     augsburg     augustdorf     aurich     babenhausen     backnang     bad aibling     bad bentheim     bad berleburg     bad bevensen     bad bramstedt     bad camberg     bad doberan     bad driburg     bad durkheim     bad durrenberg     bad durrheim     bad ems     bad essen     bad frankenhausen     bad freienwalde     bad gandersheim     bad harzburg     bad hersfeld     bad homburg     bad 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baunatal     bautzen     bayreuth     bebra     beckingen     beckum     bedburg     beeskow     belm     bendorf     bensheim     bergen     bergheim     bergisch gladbach     bergkamen     bergneustadt     berlin     bernau     bernburg     besigheim     bestwig     betzdorf     beverungen     bexbach     biberach     biblis     biedenkopf     bielefeld     bietigheim-bissingen     billerbeck     bingen     birkenau     birkenfeld     bischofsheim     bischofswerda     bissendorf     bitburg     bitterfeld     blankenburg     blaubeuren     blieskastel     blomberg     blumberg     bobenheim-roxheim     bobingen     boblingen     bocholt     bochum     bockenem     bogen     bohl-iggelheim     bohmte     boizenburg     bonen     bonn     bopfingen     boppard     borgentreich     borken     borna     bornheim     bottrop     bovenden     brackenheim     brake     brakel     bramsche     brand-erbisdorf     brandenburg     braunfels     breisach     bremen     bremerhaven     bremervorde     bretten     bretzfeld     brilon     bruchkobel     bruchsal     bruckmuhl     bruggen     bruhl     brunsbuttel     brunswick     buchen     buchloe     buckeburg     budelsdorf     budingen     buhl     bunde     burbach     buren     burg     burgdorf     burghausen     burgkirchen     burglengenfeld     burgstadt     burgthann     burladingen     burscheid     burstadt     buttelborn     butzbach     butzow     buxtehude     cadolzburg     calbe     calw     castrop-rauxel     celle     cham     chemnitz     clausthal-zellerfeld     cleves     cloppenburg     coburg     coesfeld     cologne     coswig     cottbus     crailsheim     cremlingen     crimmitschau     cuxhaven     dachau     damme     dannenberg     darmstadt     dassel     datteln     deggendorf     delbruck     delitzsch     delmenhorst     demmin     denkendorf     denzlingen     dessau     detmold     dettingen     dieburg     diedorf     diepholz     dietzenbach     diez     dillenburg     dillingen     dingolfing     dinkelsbuhl     dinklage     dinslaken     ditzingen     dobeln     donaueschingen     donauworth     donzdorf     dorfen     dormagen     dornstadt     dorsten     dortmund     dorverden     dossenheim     dreieich     drensteinfurt     dresden     drochtersen     drolshagen     duderstadt     duisburg     dulmen     duren     durmersheim     dusseldorf     eberbach     ebersbach     ebersberg     eberswalde     eching     eckernforde     edemissen     edewecht     edingen-neckarhausen     egelsbach     eggenfelden     eggenstein-leopoldshafen     ehingen     eichenau     eichenzell     eichstatt     eilenburg     einbeck     eisenach     eisenberg     eisenhuttenstadt     eislingen     eitorf     ellwangen     elmshorn     elsdorf     elsfleth     elsterwerda     eltville     elze     emden     emmendingen     emmerich     emsdetten     engelskirchen     engen     enger     eningen     ennepetal     ennigerloh     eppelborn     eppelheim     eppingen     eppstein     erbach     erding     erftstadt     erfurt     ergolding     erkelenz     erkner     erkrath     erlangen     erlenbach     erlensee     erwitte     eschborn     eschwege     eschweiler     espelkamp     essen     essenbach     esslingen     ettenheim     ettlingen     euskirchen     eutin     falkensee     falkenstein     fallingbostel     feldkirchen-westerham     fellbach     felsberg     feucht     feuchtwangen     filderstadt     finnentrop     finsterwalde     flensburg     floha     florsheim     forchheim     forst     frankenberg     frankenthal     frankfurt     frechen     freiberg     freiburg     freilassing     freising     freital     freudenberg     freudenstadt     frickenhausen     friedberg     friedeburg     friedland     friedrichsdorf     friedrichshafen     friedrichsthal     friesenheim     friesoythe     fritzlar     frondenberg     fulda     fuldabruck     fuldatal     furstenfeldbruck     furstenwalde     furth     furth im wald     furtwangen     fussen     gaggenau     gaildorf     gaimersheim     ganderkesee     gangelt     garbsen     garching     gardelegen     garmisch-partenkirchen     garrel     gartringen     gauting     geeste     geesthacht     gehrden     geilenkirchen     geisenheim     geldern     gelnhausen     gelsenkirchen     gemunden     gengenbach     genthin     georgsmarienhutte     gera     geretsried     gerlingen     germering     germersheim     gernsbach     gernsheim     gerstetten     gersthofen     gescher     geseke     gevelsberg     giengen     gifhorn     gilching     ginsheim-gustavsburg     gladbeck     gladenbach     glauchau     glinde     gluckstadt     goch     goldbach     goppingen     gorlitz     goslar     gotha     gottingen     gottmadingen     graben-neudorf     grafelfing     grafenau     grafenhainichen     grafing     grefrath     greifswald     greiz     grenzach-wyhlen     greven     grevenbroich     grevesmuhlen     griesheim     grimma     grimmen     grobenzell     groditz     gronau     grunberg     grunstadt     grunwald     guben     gummersbach     gundelfingen     gunzburg     gunzenhausen     gustrow     gutersloh     haan     haar     hagen     hagenow     haiger     haigerloch     hainichen     halberstadt     haldensleben     halle     halstenbek     haltern     halver     hamburg     hameln     hamm     hammelburg     hamminkeln     hanau     hannoversch munden     hanover     haren     harrislee     harsewinkel     harsum     hasbergen     haselunne     hatten     hattersheim     hattingen     hauzenberg     havixbeck     hechingen     heddesheim     heide     heidelberg     heidenau     heidenheim     heilbad heiligenstadt     heilbronn     heiligenhafen     heiligenhaus     heinsberg     helmbrechts     helmstedt     hemer     hemmingen     hemsbach     hennef     hennigsdorf     henstedt-ulzburg     heppenheim     herborn     herbrechtingen     herdecke     herford     hermsdorf     herne     herrenberg     hersbruck     herten     herxheim     herzberg     herzogenaurach     herzogenrath     hessisch lichtenau     hessisch oldendorf     hettstedt     heubach     heusenstamm     heusweiler     hiddenhausen     hilchenbach     hildburghausen     hilden     hildesheim     hille     hilpoltstein     hilter     hirschaid     hochheim     hochst     hochstadt     hockenheim     hof     hofgeismar     hofheim     hohen neuendorf     hohenstein-ernstthal     hohr-grenzhausen     holzgerlingen     holzkirchen     holzminden     holzwickede     homberg     homburg     horb     horstel     hosbach     hovelhof     hoxter     hoyerswerda     huckelhoven     huckeswagen     hude     hullhorst     hunfeld     hungen     hunxe     hurth     husum     ibbenburen     idar-oberstein     idstein     ihlow     illertissen     illingen     ilmenau     ilsede     immenstadt     ingelheim     ingolstadt     iserlohn     ismaning     isny     isselburg     issum     itzehoe     jena     jever     jork     juchen     julich     juterbog     kaarst     kaiserslautern     kalkar     kall     kaltenkirchen     kamen     kamenz     kamp-lintfort     kappeln     karben     karlsfeld     karlsruhe     karlstadt     kassel     kaufbeuren     kaufungen     kehl     kelheim     kelkheim     kelsterbach     kempen     kempten     kerpen     ketsch     kevelaer     kiel     kierspe     kirchen     kirchhain     kirchheim     kirchhundem     kirchlengern     kirchlinteln     kirchzarten     kirkel     kirn     kissing     kitzingen     kleinblittersdorf     kleinmachnow     klingenthal     koblenz     kolbermoor     kolkwitz     kongen     konigs wusterhausen     konigslutter     konigstein     konigswinter     konstanz     korb     korbach     korntal-munchingen     kornwestheim     korschenbroich     kothen     krefeld     kreuzau     kreuztal     kriftel     kronach     kronberg     kronshagen     krumbach     kulmbach     kummersbruck     kunzell     kunzelsau     kurten     kyritz     laatzen     ladenburg     lage     lahnstein     lahr 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losheim     lotte     loxstedt     lubbecke     lubben     lubbenau     lubeck     luchow     luckenwalde     ludenscheid     ludinghausen     ludwigsburg     ludwigsfelde     ludwigshafen     ludwigslust     lugau     lugde     luneburg     lunen     magdeburg     mainburg     maintal     mainz     maisach     malchin     malente     malsch     manching     mannheim     marbach     marburg     marienberg     marienheide     markdorf     markgroningen     markkleeberg     markt schwaben     marktheidenfeld     marktoberdorf     marktredwitz     marl     marpingen     marsberg     maxhutte-haidhof     mayen     mechernich     meckenbeuren     meckenheim     meerane     meerbusch     meinerzhagen     meiningen     meitingen     melle     melsungen     memmingen     menden     mengen     meppen     merchweiler     mering     merseburg     merzig     meschede     mettingen     mettlach     mettmann     metzingen     meuselwitz     michelstadt     miesbach     miltenberg     mindelheim     minden     mittweida     moers     moglingen     mohnesee     molln     mombris     monchengladbach     monheim     monschau     montabaur     moosburg     morbach     morfelden-walldorf     morlenbach     morsbach     mosbach     mossingen     much     muhlacker     muhldorf     muhlhausen     muhlheim     mulheim     mulheim-karlich     mullheim     munchberg     munich     munsingen     munster     murnau     murrhardt     mutterstadt     nagold     naila     nalbach     nauen     naumburg     neckargemund     neckarsulm     netphen     nettetal     neu wulmstorf     neu-anspach     neu-ulm     neubiberg     neubrandenburg     neuenburg     neuenhagen     neuenkirchen     neuenrade     neufahrn     neuhausen     neuhof     neumunster     neunkirchen     neuruppin     neustadt     neustrelitz     neutraubling     neuwied     nidda     nidderau     nideggen     niederkassel     niederkruchten     niedernhausen     niederzier     niefern-oschelbronn     nienburg     niesky     nohfelden     norden     nordenham     norderstedt     nordhausen     nordhorn     nordlingen     nordstemmen     northeim     norvenich     nottuln     numbrecht     nuremberg     nurtingen     ober-ramstadt     oberasbach     oberhaching     oberhausen     oberhausen-rheinhausen     oberkirch     oberndorf     obernkirchen     oberstdorf     obertshausen     oberursel     ochsenfurt     ochtrup     odenthal     oelde     oer-erkenschwick     oerlinghausen     offenbach     offenburg     oftersheim     ohringen     olbernhau     olching     oldenburg     olfen     olpe     olsberg     oranienburg     oschatz     oschersleben     osnabruck     osterburg     ostercappeln     osterhofen     osterholz-scharmbeck     ostfildern     ostringen     ottersberg     ottobrunn     ottweiler     overath     oyten     paderborn     papenburg     parchim     pasewalk     passau     pattensen     pegnitz     peine     peiting     penzberg     perleberg     petersberg     petershagen     pfarrkirchen     pforzheim     pfullendorf     pfullingen     pfungstadt     philippsburg     pinneberg     pirmasens     pirna     planegg     plankstadt     plattling     plauen     plettenberg     plochingen     plon     pluderhausen     pocking     poing     porta westfalica     potsdam     preetz     premnitz     prenzlau     prien     pritzwalk     puchheim     pulheim     puttlingen     quakenbruck     quedlinburg     querfurt     quickborn     quierschied     radeberg     radebeul     radevormwald     radolfzell     raesfeld     rahden     rastatt     rastede     ratekau     rathenow     ratingen     ratisbon     ratzeburg     raubling     raunheim     ravensburg     recke     recklinghausen     rees     regen     regenstauf     rehau     rehburg-loccum     rehlingen-siersburg     reichenbach     reinbek     reinheim     reiskirchen     rellingen     remagen     remscheid     rendsburg     renningen     reutlingen     rheda-wiedenbruck     rhede     rheinau     rheinbach     rheinberg     rheine     rheinfelden     ribnitz-damgarten     riedlingen     riegelsberg     rielasingen-worblingen     riesa     rietberg     rinteln     ritterhude     rodenbach     rodental     rodgau     roding     rommerskirchen     ronnenberg     rosbach     rosdorf     rosendahl     rosenheim     rosrath     rostock     rotenburg     roth     rothenbach     rottenburg     rottweil     rudersberg     rudersdorf     rudesheim     rudolstadt     runkel     russelsheim     rutesheim     ruthen     saalfeld     saarbrucken     saarlouis     saarwellingen     salzgitter     salzhemmendorf     salzkotten     salzwedel     sandhausen     sangerhausen     sankt augustin     sankt georgen     sankt ingbert     sankt leon-rot     sankt wendel     sarstedt     sassenberg     schalksmuhle     scharbeutz     schenefeld     schermbeck     schieder-schwalenberg     schiffdorf     schifferstadt     schiffweiler     schkeuditz     schleiden     schleswig     schlitz     schluchtern     schmalkalden     schmallenberg     schmelz     schmolln     schneeberg     schneverdingen     schonaich     schonebeck     schoneiche     schongau     schoningen     schopfheim     schorndorf     schortens     schotten     schramberg     schriesheim     schrobenhausen     schuttorf     schwabach     schwabisch gmund     schwabisch hall     schwabmunchen     schwaigern     schwalbach     schwalmstadt     schwalmtal     schwandorf     schwanewede     schwarzenbach     schwarzenbek     schwarzenberg     schwedt     schweinfurt     schwelm     schwerin     schwerte     schwetzingen     schwieberdingen     sebnitz     seeheim-jugenheim     seelze     seesen     seevetal     sehnde     selb     seligenstadt     selm     senden     sendenhorst     senftenberg     siegburg     siegen     sigmaringen     simbach     simmerath     sindelfingen     singen     sinsheim     sinzheim     sinzig     soest     solingen     solms     soltau     sommerda     sondershausen     sonneberg     sonthofen     sontra     spaichingen     spenge     spiesen-elversberg     spremberg     springe     sprockhovel     stade     stadtallendorf     stadtbergen     stadthagen     stadtlohn     starnberg     stein     steinau     steinbach     steinen     steinfurt     steinhagen     steinheim     stelle     stendal     stephanskirchen     stockach     stockelsdorf     stolberg     stollberg     straelen     stralsund     straubing     strausberg     stuhr     stuttgart     suhl     sulingen     sulz     sulzbach     sulzbach-rosenberg     sundern     syke     tamm     tangermunde     tauberbischofsheim     taucha     taufkirchen     taunusstein     tecklenburg     telgte     teltow     templin     teningen     teterow     tettnang     thale     thalheim     tholey     timmendorfer strand     tirschenreuth     titisee-neustadt     toging     tonisvorst     torgau     torgelow     tornesch     tostedt     traunreut     traunstein     trebur     treuchtlingen     trier     troisdorf     trossingen     trostberg     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National airlines
Air Berlinairline website
German Wingsairline website
Lufthansaairline website
Thomas Cook Airlinesairline website

Airports in Germany
Augsburg - MuehlhausenAGB
Altenburg NobitzAOC
Bitburg Air BaseBBJ
Metropolitan AreaBER
Dresden AirportDRS
Rhein-Main AFBFRF
Fritzlar AirbaseFRZ
Hanover AirportHAJ
Leipzig AirportLEJ
Moenchen-Gl. - DUS ExpMGL
Mannheim AirportMHG
Franz Josef StraussMUC
Metropolitan AreaMUC
Neu IsenburgQGV
Siegerland AirportSGE
Parchim AirportSZW
Metropolitan AreaUWE
Air BaseWIE

Beer in Germany (0.33l)
Amberg~ 1.5 EUR
Bamberg~ 1.3 EUR
Berlin~ 1.6 EUR
Berlin~ 1.6 EUR
Bielefeld~ 0.6 EUR
Bocholt~ 1.9 EUR
Bodenmais~ 1.3 EUR
Bonn~ 2 EUR
Bremen~ 1.9 EUR
Cologne~ 2.2 EUR
Cologne~ 2.2 EUR
Darmstadt~ 1.9 EUR
Dortmund~ 1.8 EUR
Dresden~ 1.6 EUR
Dresden~ 1.6 EUR
Duisburg~ 1.9 EUR
Dusseldorf~ 3 EUR
Ennepetal~ 0.6 EUR
Erfurt~ 1.5 EUR
Erlangen~ 2.1 EUR
Esslingen~ 1.8 EUR
Forchheim~ 1.1 EUR
Frankfurt~ 1.5 EUR
Freiburg~ 1.9 EUR
Hagen~ 2.1 EUR
Hamburg~ 1.9 EUR
Hamm~ 1.6 EUR
Hannover~ 1.7 EUR
Heidelberg~ 1.4 EUR
Heidenheim~ 0.3 EUR
Heiligenhaus~ 1.8 EUR
Herford~ 1.6 EUR
Herzogenaurach~ 1.8 EUR
Hof~ 1.2 EUR
Ingolstadt~ 1.5 EUR
Jena~ 1.2 EUR
Jena~ 1.2 EUR
Jockgrim~ 1.5 EUR
Karlsruhe~ 1.5 EUR
Kaufbeuren~ 1.7 EUR
Kiel~ 2 EUR
Kiel~ 2 EUR
Koeln~ 2.4 EUR
Konstanz~ 1.9 EUR
Kornwestheim~ 1.3 EUR
Landshut~ 1.5 EUR
Langweid~ 0.9 EUR
Leipzig~ 1.3 EUR
Leverkusen~ 1.4 EUR
Magdeburg~ 1.6 EUR
Mainz~ 1.8 EUR
Mannheim~ 2 EUR
Menden~ 1.5 EUR
Munich~ 2 EUR
Munich~ 2 EUR
Nettetal~ 1.8 EUR
Neuss~ 1.6 EUR
Nordhausen~ 1.1 EUR
Passau~ 1.7 EUR
Pforzheim~ 1.7 EUR
Quierschied~ 1.7 EUR
Reutlingen~ 1.6 EUR
Rostock~ 1.5 EUR
Schwerin~ 0.5 EUR
Siegen~ 1.5 EUR
Stuttgart~ 1.9 EUR
Stuttgart~ 1.9 EUR
Trier~ 2.2 EUR
Villingen-Schwenningen~ 1.8 EUR
Weiden~ 1.5 EUR
Weil Am Rhein~ 2.3 EUR
Weimar~ 1.4 EUR
Wiesbaden~ 1.8 EUR
Wietmarschen~ 1.1 EUR
Windischeschenbach~ 0.9 EUR
Winnen~ 1.7 EUR
Wuppertal~ 1.9 EUR

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