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Luxembourg is located in Western Europe, between France and Germany

Facts about Luxembourg
Population486,006 (July 2008 est.)
Time zoneUTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time) daylight saving time: +1hr, begin
Location Western Europe, between France and Germany

General info about Luxembourg
Founded in 963, Luxembourg became a grand duchy in 1815 and an independent state under the Netherlands. It lost more than half of its territory to Belgium in 1839, but gained a larger measure of autonomy. Full independence was attained in 1867. Overrun by Germany in both World Wars, it ended its neutrality in 1948 when it entered into the Benelux Customs Union and when it joined NATO the following year. In 1957, Luxembourg became one of the six founding countries of the European Economic Community (later the European Union), and in 1999 it joined the euro currency area.
Languages spoken
Luxembourgish (national language), German (administrative language), French (administrative language)
Ethnic division
Luxembourger 63.1%, Portuguese 13.3%, French 4.5%, Italian 4.3%, German 2.3%, other EU 7.3%, other 5.2% (2000 census)
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate
0.2% (2001 est.)
modified continental with mild winters, cool summers
iron ore (no longer exploited), arable land
This stable, high-income economy - benefiting from its proximity to France, Belgium, and Germany - features solid growth, low inflation, and low unemployment. The industrial sector, initially dominated by steel, has become increasingly diversified to include chemicals, rubber, and other products. Growth in the financial sector, which now accounts for about 28% of GDP, has more than compensated for the decline in steel. Most banks are foreign owned and have extensive foreign dealings. Agriculture is based on small family-owned farms. The economy depends on foreign and cross-border workers for about 60% of its labor force. Although Luxembourg, like all EU members, suffered from the global economic slump in the early part of this decade, the country continues to enjoy an extraordinarily high standard of living - GDP per capita ranks second in the world, after Qatar. After two years of strong economic growth in 2006-07, turmoil in the world financial markets slowed Luxembourg's economy in 2008, but growth remained above the European average and is likely to remain so in 2009.
air and water pollution in urban areas, soil pollution of farmland

Cities in Luxembourg

abweiler     allerborn     alscheid     altlinster     altrier     altwies     alzingen     angelsberg     ansembourg     arsdorf     aspelt     assel     asselborn     basbellain     bascharage     baschleiden     bastendorf     bavigne     beaufort     bech     bech-kleinmacher     beckerich     beidweiler     beiler     belvaux     berbourg     berchem     berdorf     bereldange     berg     bergem     beringen     berle     bertrange     bettange-sur-mess     bettborn     bettel     bettembourg     bettendorf     betzdorf     beyren     bigelbach     bigonville     bilsdorf     binsfeld     bissen     bivange     bivels     biwer     biwisch     blaschette     bockholtz     boevange     bofferdange     born     boudler     boulaide     bour     bourglinster     bourscheid     boursdorf     bous     boxhorn     brachtenbach     brandenbourg     breidfeld     breidweiler     breinert     bridel     brouch     buderscheid     burden     burmerange     buschdorf     buschrodt     calmus     canach     capellen     christnach     cinqfontaines     clemency     clervaux     colpach-bas     colpach-haut     consdorf     consthum     contern     crauthem     crendal     cruchten     dahl     dahlem     dalheim     derenbach     dickweiler     diekirch     differdange     dillingen     dippach     doennange     doncols     dorscheid     drauffelt     drinklange     dudelange     echternach     ehlange     ehlerange     ehnen     ehner     eischen     eisenborn     ell     ellange     eltz     elvange     emerange     enscherange     eppeldorf     ermsdorf     ernster     ernzen     erpeldange     esch-sur-sure     eschdorf     eschette     eschweiler     eselborn     essingen     ettelbruck     everlange     fennange     fentange     filsdorf     findel     fingig     fischbach     flaxweiler     foetz     folkendange     folschette     fouhren     frisange     garnich     gilsdorf     girst     girsterklaus     givenich     godbrange     goeblange     goedange     goetzingen     gonderange     gosseldange     gostingen     gralingen     grass     greisch     greiveldange     grevels     grevenmacher     grindhausen     grosbous     grumelscheid     grundhof     hachiville     hagelsdorf     hagen     haller     hamiville     harlange     hassel     haut-martelange     hautbellain     hautcharage     heffingen     heiderscheid     heinerscheid     heisdorf     heispelt     hellange     helmdange     helmsange     hemstal     herborn     hesperange     hierheck     hinkel     hivange     hobscheid     hoesdorf     hoffelt     hollenfels     holler     holtz     holzem     holzthum     hoscheid     hosingen     hostert     hovelange     huldange     huncherange     hunsdorf     hupperdange     huttange     imbringen     ingeldorf     insenborn     itzig     junglinster     kahler     kalborn     kapweiler     kaundorf     kautenbach     kayl     kehlen     keispelt     kleinbettingen     knaphoscheid     kockelscheuer     koerich     koetschette     kopstal     kuborn     lamadelaine     landscheid     lannen     larochette     lasauvage     leithum     lellig     lellingen     lenningen     leudelange     levelange     liefrange     lieler     limpach     linger     lintgen     lipperscheid     livange     longsdorf     lorentzweiler     lullange     lultzhausen     luxemburg     machtum     mamer     manternach     marienthal     marnach     masseler     mecher     medernach     medingen     meispelt     mensdorf     mersch     merscheid     mertert     mertzig     michelau     michelbouch     moersdorf     moesdorf     moestroff     mompach     mondercange     mondorf-les-bains     moutfort     mullendorf     mullerthal     munsbach     munschecker     munshausen     nachtmanderscheid     nagem     neidhausen     neuhaeusgen     neunhausen     niederanven     niedercorn     niederdonven     niederfeulen     niederpallen     nocher     noerdange     noertrange     noertzange     nommern     nospelt     nothum     oberanven     obercorn     oberdonven     oberfeulen     oberpallen     oberwampach     oetrange     olingen     olm     ospern     osweiler     peppange     perle     petange     petit-nobressart     pettingen     pintsch     pissange     platen     pommerloch     pontpierre     pratz     prettange     putscheid     rambrouch     rameldange     reckange     reckange-sur-mess     redange     reichlange     reimberg     reisdorf     remerschen     remich     reuland     reuler     rippig     rippweiler     rodange     rodenbourg     roder     rodershausen     roedgen     roeser     rolling     rollingen     rombach     roodt     rosport     saeul     sandweiler     sanem     sassel     schandel     scheidgen     schengen     schieren     schifflange     schleif     schlindermanderscheid     schoenfels     schoos     schouweiler     schrassig     schrondweiler     schuttrange     schwebach     schwebsingen     schweich     selscheid     senningen     septfontaines     siebenaler     soleuvre     sonlez     stadtbredimus     stegen     steinfort     steinheim     steinsel     stockem     stolzembourg     strassen     surre     syren     tandel     tarchamps     tetange     trintange     troisvierges     tuntange     uebersyren     urspelt     useldange     vianden     vichten     wahl     wahlhausen     waldbillig     waldbredimus     walferdange     walsdorf     warken     wasserbillig     watrange     wecker     weicherdange     weiler     weiler-la-tour     weilerbach     weiswampach     welfrange     wellenstein     welscheid     wickrange     wiltz     wilwerdange     wilwerwiltz     wincrange     winseler     wintrange     wolwelange     wormeldange     zittig    

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Beer in Luxembourg (0.33l)
Diekirch~ 2.1 EUR
Diekirch~ 2.1 EUR
Luxembourg~ 1.6 EUR
Remich~ 1.1 EUR

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