Why you need to find good workers for your hospitality company

If you own a hospitality company, be it a hotel, resort, restaurant, a small B & B or anything else similar, your service quality is only as good as your workers. So when you're recruiting, be it waitresses, bartenders, hotel managers or top executives, you need to make sure you find the best employees possible.

I've been to a lot of hotels around the world and I've experienced quite a few "errors" while traveling. Once I found a truly nice hotel, pretty much perfect in anyway, really nice rooms, really nice outside pool, great wireless connection, good food, simply perfect conditions. But then I also had some dealings with the hotel staff and what was simply the best hotel before, turned into a dump in a matter of minutes. Simply because the service, the worker's attitudes, they were totally off.

So if you are looking for workers, make sure you hire people with a good attitude and also make sure that they know what they are doing. But if you had to choose just one of those qualities, choose good attitude. You can teach the right person the skills. But you can't teach the skilled person the right attitude. Usually.

When looking for good workers for your company, you can use different jobs sites, magazine ads, yellow pages. Or sometimes it might be actually easier to use different hospitality firms who would do the work for you and help with the entire hiring process.

And the main thing to remember - your hotel, your resort, your hospitality company is only as good as your workers are.

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