Be safe and go abroad

The hurricane season started in the beginning of June and lasts until November 30. There are many things you can do to prepare for the storms. Firstly, sign up for immediate weather alerts to be in the know as soon as there's a danger that a storm is about to hit your area. This bit is more important than ever, especially considering the hurricanes that have affected the coastal areas the past few years. This year 18 named storms could be coming your way. One of the options to get the weather alerts is through the Allstate Alerts ( It could be one of the best ones.

"Allstate is an industry leader in catastrophe response," says Roman Suarez from Allstate’s National Catastrophe Team. "Our team has learned a lot from the natural disasters of the last several years, and we’re preparing and making plans to be able to respond after they strike. It’s important to us that families prepare, too. Allstate has good information available at Be Aware and Prepare to help them do that."

You can do a lot to be prepare your family for the potential catastrophes - prepare your first aid kit, emergency kit, evacuation routes, home inventory lists.

But if you have the resources, then in addition to that, if you know the hurricane is about to hit and you still have some time, it's definitely not a bad idea to take a trip with your family far away from your home town for a while or why not use the opportunity to go abroad for a bit. That's what I'd do, anyhow.

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