THE TRAVELLER'S BEST FRIEND: Recommended Credit Cards for the Traveler

Credit cards can be a travelerís best friend. Using a credit card in almost all travelling transaction makes the travelerís life convenient and easy. In addition to this, itís an effective alternative for money. With the increasing number of transactions involving credit cards, choosing the credit card company and the type of credit card that suits the travelerís needs is a challenge. In choosing the best credit card to accommodate your travelling needs, keep in mind the following factors.

  • Choose the type of credit card that suits your needs.
    If youíre a frequent traveler, the best type of credit card for you is the travelling reward credit card. A general feature of a reward credit card is that it offers rebates, cash backs or other reward points per accumulated use which the traveler can use to buy goods or services. A travelling reward credit card can offer beneficial points like redemption of flight tickets or other merchandise. The important thing is the type of credit card should ultimately suit your needs and transactions so that you can maximize the benefits you can derive from its use.
  • Choose a credit card that offers a huge sign-up bonus.
    Any credit card owner would naturally want the maximum use and benefit from the use of his credit card. Thus, get credit cards that offer huge sign-up bonuses like thousand points that would be enough to redeem a free flight ticket.
  • Choose credit cards that have security features.
    Concomitant to the increase of credit card transaction is the increase of fraudulent schemes involving the unauthorized use of credit cards. For this reason, most credit card companies are beefing up their cardsí security features. One innovation is the issuance of credit cards with chip-and-pin technology. Its predecessor the magnetic stripe credit cards uses signatures to verify the ownership of the card; with the chip-and-pin system, the card is verified by a pin number which only the owner knows. This way, the card can only be used by the actual owner and the credit card company can be notified immediately in case of suspicious transactions.
  • Choose credit cards that do not impose foreign transaction fees.
    Some banks and credit card companies impose foreign transaction fees when the credit card is used abroad. This could cause a dent to the travelerís pocket. In order to avoid post trip surprises, it is advisable for the traveler to choose a credit card that does not impose any foreign transaction fees. In addition, the traveler should insist from the credit card company or bank that the charges should be in local charges. This way, the traveler wonít have to pay much with regard to his foreign transactions.

    Last points.
    Ultimately, the traveler should choose a credit card that will suit his travelling needs. Also, the credit card should have a rewards system that is beneficial to a travelerís itinerary and could be used for international transactions.

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