Things you can do on visiting Dubai

Better known as the 'city of Gold', Dubai is the perfect destination for business people as well as tourists. It is both a paradise for the travellers and dynamic business hub as well. Dubai offers beautiful attractions, shopping spots, fine dining places and luxury hotels. Right from the tranquil deserts to loud bustles in souk market, this city has to offer a variety of attractions to its visitors. From craggy mountains and striking sand dunes to sandy beaches and lush green residencies, Dubai has got ample of contrasting tourist spots. Dubai all inclusive of its tall skyscrapers and sandy beaches has now been crowned as the future city and also the most luxurious one in the entire world.

Paradise for tourists
Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the best locations on planet and haven for the travellers. Some of the world's tallest buildings, beautiful places and famous business enterprises are located in Dubai. Its easy accessibility makes it an ideal destination to spend your vacations with friends and family. Not only for vacations only, Dubai is also an active hotspot for business people.

Top attractions
Listed below are some famous landmarks of the city that are worth visiting:

  • Burj Khalifa.With a total height of 829.84 metres, it comes on the top of the list of tallest manmade structures across the world. This skyscraper is an ideal place for smart shopping, entertainment as well as fine dining.
  • Dubai Mall and Aquarium.The Mall is amongst the largest shopping centres of the world and one of its kinds. It is the central part of the Burj Khalifa complex. Underwater Zoo, huge aquarium, Ice rinks and Fountain waterfalls are main attractions of the building.
  • Jumeirah Palm Island. Someday, if you wish to spend you precious holiday vacations in a luxury fashion and relaxing manner, book your tickets to Dubai's Palm Island. With amazing scenic beauty of the island, landscape views and entire opulent facilities, this place is intended to make your holidays extraordinary.

Wide range of hotels
To suit everyone's taste and budget, the city offers an array of hotels. Right from the seven star hotels to the glitzy and lavish hotels, accommodations in Dubai cater to all budgets. Indoor resorts like Ski Dubai offer a peaceful and lavish stay in the city.

Heritage buildings and museums
The present Dubai which now comprises of gleaming skyscrapers and modern residencies, once was a desert. Some of the archaeological sites include Al Jumeirah, Bastakiya and the Dubai museum.

Haven for the shopaholics
Being ranked as the number two in the list of world's famous shopping destinations, Dubai is one of largest trading hubs across the globe. The traditional market of Gold Souk comprises of various small shops that trade in finest gold jewelleries, precious stones and even pearls.

Events and festivals
Dubai is world famous for its local as well as international cultural events and activities such as sporting activities, exhibitions, summits and conferences of national interests.

Nightlife and Desert Safari of Dubai
you can simply experience the magnificence of the deserts with wide range of expeditions including the half-full day and overnight safaris. You can either enjoy these action-packed sunset safari tours on remote camels or take ride in Hummers/Cruisers. You can also enjoy other activities like sand boarding, dune bashing and camel rides.

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