Delightful Singapore Attractions You Canít Miss

While many know Singapore as a financial powerhouse of Asia, there is a fun side to the urban center that begs for exploration and an indulgence in fun. It has a Chinatown that is celebrated in the region for both itís food and its architecture. While it has plenty of exclusive and top drawer restaurants, it also boasts an eclectic variety of street food that begs to be sampled. The city has no dearth of great Singapore attractions to while away your hours, but there are some that truly stand out. From viewing our cousins of the oceans to dancing the night away at the many state of the art night clubs, Singapore offers something for everyone.

Wildlife Encounters Urban Style
Believe it or not, this urban center is home to some of the most amazing wildlife experiences. Whether you explore the natural surroundings of nature at night with the Night Safari or get up close and person with dolphins at UnderwaterWorld Aquarium, there are plenty of natural encounters as part of the many Singapore attractions in this city. Nearby Sentosa island boasts a butterfly and insect park that is unlike any you have seen and the Singapore Botanical Gardens are world renown. For a bustling urban center of business, Singapore has ensured that itís citizens never forget that they are an oasis in a jungle of amazing creatures.

Adventures in Urban Living
For those who like to live life on the adventurous side, there is plenty for you to explore in Singapore. For those days when the heat is a bit more than you can deal with, try heading for the Wild Wild Wet water park. Not far from downtown, it offers everything from exhilarating water rides for venturesome adults to gentle water slides for the smallest toddler. For movie buffs there is the fun of riding themed adventures at Universal Studios Singapore. From Transformer roller coasters to a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, movie buffs will love this Singapore attraction. Surfing off the beaches of Sentosa island is just a short ride away and offers some amazing curls for any surfer from novice beginner to experienced old hand. Adventure is always just around the corner in Singapore.

Singapore Attractions for Dancing the Night Away
Not everything that is offered in Singapore is for the kids. If you love the swinging lifestyle of night clubs and dance halls, you will have plenty to explore in Singapore. It has a busy and exciting nightclub scene with plenty of top drawer talent to draw you in and keep you on your toes. Whether you are checking out the two-level dance floor at Attica or enjoying the house and techno sounds of Zouk, Singapore knows how to throw a party. The dancing is all night, the sounds are the latest in techno and the looks are dazzling when you party all night in Singapore.

From family holidays at the zoo to clubbing around the clock, Singapore is a city full of surprises for everyone. These handful of Singapore attractions barely scratch the surface of what it has to offer for explorers of all ages and interests.

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