Sometimes a normal holiday is not enough. Sometimes you want to do something really adventurous. Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Log-Rafting in Sweden
This isn't one for the faint of heart, or those who struggle to put together flat-packed furniture. You are issued camping equipment, 170 logs, 500 yards of rope and some plans. Your first task is to build your raft, then you spend the rest of the week floating down the Klaralven river at a leisurely 1mph, stopping wherever you want to explore the forest surroundings. Sleep on the raft or camp on the river bank, the choice is yours. A raft can fit up to four people and more details can be found at

Cape Tribulation Tour in Australia
For those looking for a shorter break, Cape Tribulation in Australia is hard to beat. Juxtaposing coral reef and rainforest, the single day takes in a guided sanctuary wildlife tour, guided rainforest and beach tours and a river cruise to observe crocodiles in the wild. More information at

Camping in the Sahara
Starting in Morocco you visit Marrakech then head south, crossing the High Atlas mountains and spending the night near the famous Ait Ben haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage rated fortress built on a hill. The next day you head into the Sahara, swapping the car for camels and heading out into the dunes to camp. More information at

The Outdoor Bonanza, Croatia
For those who wish to build their own adventure with a smorgasbord of outdoor delights, Istria in Croatia is unexplored and quite beautiful. The region has some truly breathtaking Sea Kayaking on offer, as well as quality Climbing and Mountain Biking spots and some excellent walking. For those willing to do the legwork and save some money this is a great place to start, and equipment can be hired locally. There are plenty of small villages to stay in, but those with families might want to consider the nearby he nearby Bi-Village Park:

The Antarctic
Explore the untouched Antarctic with one of the most advanced expedition ships afloat. A 10 day voyage starts at Tierra Del Fuego, where you can visit the Ishuaia National park, before heading to the Antarctic. More information at

Sea Kayaking in New Zealand
The Abel Tasman National Park, on New Zealand's South Island, is one of the world's most beautiful stretches of coast in the world and a Sea Kayak gives you the perfect way to explore it. Paddle past sandy beaches, rocky coves and inlets watching the native wildlife. Stop for a lounge on the sand, or go wherever your fancy takes you. For more information try

Mountain Biking in Mongolia
Not one for the unfit, this 6 day ride covering 300km covers mountains, forests, rivers and valleys, and passes the spectacular Amarbayasgalant monastery, built at the beginning of the 18th century. This is a moderately graded ride with a few technical sections, but there is full vehicle support available. More information at

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