Make your Christmas memorable by visiting Mauritius

When you hear of Mauritius one thing definitely comes to your mind - there is no better place to spend a holiday than in this Indian Ocean Island that has more to offer than you probably have heard about. Besides being the smallest island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has definitely carved a name for itself where tourism is concerned. Boasting of political stability, this country has so much in it that attracts millions of tourist from all over the globe. What exactly attracts such huge numbers to this island?

Sandy beaches
Mauritius boasts of long sandy beaches with blue waters perfect for swimming. You do not have to stay home in the freezing winter weather. Book a flight to this African country and enjoy the warm breeze as well as a warm relaxing swimming experience. This is the ultimate way of enjoying your Christmas holiday this year. Along the beaches, there is a wide variety of world class restaurants where you can enjoy your drink and a revolutionary shopping experience.

Rich traditional cultural practices
Africa is rich with culture. With different ethnic communities which vary in cultural practices, the African continent is the place to be if you want to experience exotic culture first hand. Mauritius, with its naturally friendly and welcoming people has so much to showcase to its visitors as far as culture is concerned. Get to experience the Mauritius culture through their dances and art work and get to know more about the history and origin. Get to see the people's cultural practices and art in the national museums and archives as well as through interactions with the locals and you can look forward to a lifetime memorable experience.

Great hotels and accommodation
One of the main problems faced by tourists coming to Africa is lack of accommodation facilities. The Mauritius tourism sector has tried to eliminate this problem in order to make their visitors stay comfortable and hustle free. With world class hotels and restaurants located within close proximity to the major attraction sites, you can be guaranteed that you will not regret your stay on the island. Stay and dine in some of the country's renowned facilities or Maritim Resort in Mauritius that will prove worth spending your heard earned cash on. However, you might want to consider booking your accommodation in advance. This is due to the high number of tourists that flock the country round the year with the number doubling over the holiday season.

Mauritius has more to offer to the visitors that cannot be explained in a single page. You will have to visit the island to experience the vast riches it has to offer. Enjoy a wide range of breath taking sceneries, a vast population of wildlife as well as jaw dropping geographical features. If you are planning on taking your family on a holiday this season, above features found in Mauritius are more of the reasons why it should top the list of holiday destinations.

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