LIVING THE JAMAICAN LIFE: A Look into Jamaica's Rich Tourism

As Bob Marley said, "life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you are riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!" Perhaps this quote is a true testament to Jamaica's colorful culture and lifestyle. It's no wonder why Jamaica is a prime tourist spot because people around the globe desire to immerse themselves in the rich culture of the Jamaican's.

Jamaica's point of interest
Jamaica's point of interest are places that best exhibits Jamaica's diverse cultural heritage. If you are planning a holiday to Jamaica (which you can book through, these are the places that you must see and experience.

  • #Bob Marley Museum
    The persona of Bob Marley is associated with the rich culture of the Jamaican people. Dedicate to the demised singer, a visit to this place will give you a glimpse of Bob Marley's lyrical talents and heart-wrenching music.

  • #Reggae Beach
    The reggae genre was popularized by the Jamaican people; it is only fitting that you don't miss spending a day in Reggae Beach. Considered as one of Jamaica's best kept secret, more tourists prefer this beach over the other beaches in Jamaica because it is quieter and less crowded.

  • # Rose Hall.
    Based on fictionalized stories, Rose Hall is the home of Annie Palmer, who people call as the white witch of Rose Hall. It is said that Annie Palmer practiced voodoo and witchcraft to murder her husbands and also several plantation slaves. The eerie Georgian mansion built in the 1770s and restored in the 1960s attracts tourists not because of its architecture but because of the story behind the lives of the people who once walked its halls. Rose Hall was featured as the runway in America's Next Top Model season nineteen finales.

Jamaica's gastronomical delight
Your Jamaican travel is not complete without trying Jamaica's local delicacy as popularized by its local restaurants, like the fried dumplings, ackee and salted cod, fried plantain, jerk, steamed cabbage and rice and peas.

Last words
When travelling into Jamaica, be sure to get vaccinated in order to protect yourself from unknown health hazards. Do some research about scams perpetrated by locals so that you'll be able to avoid it. In travelling to new places, always be alert and conscious of your surroundings.

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