Top 10 Attractions in Frankfurt, Germany: What To See and Do

Visit Frankfurt, Germany this year or next and see some of the most impressive sights, museums, gardens and architectural monuments in all of Europe. Frankfurt, Germany is visited by thousands of travellers every year and is commonly known as 'the heart beat of Germany'. With prominent financial institutions, magnificent skylines and mind-blowing skyscrapers, Frankfurt is a fantastic European destination for families, romantic couples and those exploring Europe solo and looking for some fun things to do.

Frankfurt, Germany is home to Germany's largest airport, the Senckenberg National History Museum, Goetheturm Tower and the renowned European Central Bank and so much more. Visitors to Frankfurt have over 170 things to see and do in the city and they most likely will have to return a few more times to fit everything in.

Museum lovers will be overjoyed with a visit to the Dialog Museum or the Stadel Museum, while history enthusiasts will be enlightened with a tour around major historic sites such as the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew and the ancient Romerberg Building. There is something for everyone to explore in Frankfurt, Germany and we have put together 10 of the top things to do when in this fabulous city.

#1: Romerberg - As home to the town hall since1405, this famous building is considered the historic heart of Frankfurt. The square within the building was used for the very first trade fair in the 13th century.

#2: The Museumsufer - This is definitely a top ten venue in all of Frankfurt and even if you do not have a love for museums, art and history, there is always some form of fun to be had. Visitors to this area can explore a dozen of museums situated along the embankment to the south of the Main River in Frankfurt, Germany.

#3: The Commerzbank Tower - This famous 56-storey tower and skyscraper offers phenomenal views of the "Mainhatten" skyline. Don't forget your camera!

#4: The Goethe House - Visitors to Frankfurt won't want to miss out on a visit to the birthplace of Germany's famous artist, writer and politician, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

#5: St. Paul's Church - For those who have an interest in politics. Visit the place where important political meetings from the years 1789 to 1834 were held. This venue is now home to a wide variety of special events and exhibitions.

#6: Palmengarten - If you are a nature lover you will want to check out this popular attractions. Palmengarten is home to over 6000 exotic tropical plant species.

#7: Frankfurt Zoo - If you are traveling to the area with your family, don't miss out on a visit to the popular Frankfurt Zoo which is home to over 4500 animals.

#8: The Museum of Modern Art - Art enthusiasts will get a kick out of a visit to this popular art venue where they can view famous masterpieces created by world-wide artists.

#9: Zeil Street (Shopping haven!) - This vibrant strip and most famous road in Germany is perfect for those who like to buy luxury brand names and hop from one boutique shop to another.

#10: Senckenberg Museum - Known as the largest nation museum in all of Germany, this popular must-see museum is home to one of the biggest dinosaur exhibitions.

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