Kid-friendly resorts and destinations in the Mediterranean

It is pretty clear to every parent that the ultimate vacation is not possible if the kids are not happy. And for the kids to be happy there has to be plenty to do and to keep their attention for the whole duration of the holiday and even after that. So the fun for the kids is not something the parents are willing to take a chance with while planning a trip. You need just a little research to find all those hidden gems in the Mediterranean called kid-friendly resorts where your children would love to come back.

The island of Corsica is one of them, especially Cargése: a small village situated between the sea and the mountains. The accommodation there is great and children of all age are welcome. You can even find a club with supervision for the kids where they find new friends and play all kinds of sports while their parents rest on the beach of Chiuni. A day trip to the natural park of Girolata and Scandola is always on the menu.

If you are a fan of the Eastern Mediterranean you can choose one of the many Greek islands. The largest and most populous Crete for example can provide great activities for the children starting with all kinds of water and other sports and finishing with many interesting things they can learn about the Greek mythology. And if they ever get bored, you can always take them to the AquaWorld Aquarium in Hersonnisos where snakes, alligators, turtles and lizards can be seen.

Southern Italy and especially Calabria can offer a lot of kid-friendly holiday resorts and destinations. The weather there is great, children are fascinated by the gardens and the colorful birds and last but not least the cuisine is so tasty.

And since you are in the area a short or an even longer trip to Sicily might be a great idea. This Mediterranean island attracts visitors for centuries with its ancient ruinс, hilly terrain and nature diversity. If the kids are at least 6-7 years old, a family hike on Mount Etna will be an unforgettable experience for them. But such a visit to Sicily should not be fun just for the kids, parents can also enjoy it, with a glass of the famous Sicilian wine.

And if you had enough of the islands, the continent has a lot to offer as well. You can find many great resorts like Opio en Provence with its excellent opportunities for tennis, golf or just a quiet day at the white sand beaches. It is located right above Cannes and there is plenty of entertainment for the little ones.

There are of course families which prefer to spend their holiday exploring Europe’s most famous cities instead of lying at the beach. If this is the case, one of the first stops in the Mediterranean must be Barcelona. The whole family will enjoy a walk in Park Güell or a visit to the Aquarium with its 80 meters-long shark tunnel but the icing on the cake will definitely be the Park d’Atraccions in Tibidabo.

If all those destinations and resorts sound good, you can always combine them in a cruise around the Mediterranean. Kids are welcome on board and when you put together kids and water it always equals great fun. Children simply love changing places and waking up every day in a different city and if they get tired of exploring the shore, let them play in the children’s club on board and be sure that they will want to come back.

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