Explore Colombia, Curacao and the U.S. Virgin Islands

It's time to take a short trip and visit Colombia, Curacao and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These are just a few places you should visit today. If you didn't get your imagination juices flowing you might be wondering right now how the hell can you do that, especially all of the destinations in one day, today. It's easy, to visit a place you don't always have to go there yourself but learn about the trips others have taken.

Travelocity's award-winning web series has just come out with new great webisodes featuring all of the three places I mentioned - Colombia, Curacao and the U.S. Virgin Island. The web series is hosted by the senior editor, Courtney Scott, and a new webisode premieres each Wednesday at 11am ET on Travelocity’s YouTube Channel as well as their website at Travelocity.com/LetsRoamTV.

Each webisodes is around three minutes long and introduces you the destination's hidden gems and must-see experiences.

Of course, this kind of window-web-traveling should only be the first part of your trip. The second one should be choosing your own favorite destination out of the ones you have just learned about via Travelocity Let's Roam webisodes and then take a real trip yourself as well. A trip that would last more than three minutes, or a day, but rather preferrably at least couple of weeks.

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