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How to make the most of your time in Dubai

Dubai is a magnetic stop on any cruise to the Middle East and it’s easy to see why. With endless possibilities for visitors to discover, there is so much to see and do in this luxurious buzzing city of the United Arab Emirates. Situated north of capital city Abu Dhabi, Dubai is a major attraction for visitors to this part of the world. A skyline of traditional architectural delights and state of the art modern buildings set the scene of this mysterious and inviting destination. If visiting for one day or a couple of nights, make the most of your time here with our mini guide to Dubai.
dubai marina

A Warm Welcome

If your arrival in Dubai is by disembarking your cruise ship and entering Dubai Cruise Terminal, your first impressions will be first class. The luxurious cruise terminal at Port Rashid sets a high standard that you can expect to see and experience during the rest of your time in Dubai. Services available at Dubai Cruise Terminal include Free WiFi, Currency Exchange, Post Office, 24 hour help desk with tour information, café and mini mart, shops and help desks for major shopping malls plus complimentary shuttle buses. Take cover from the high heat and plan your visit to Dubai in the welcoming shelter of Dubai Cruise Terminal.

Awaken your senses

The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Dubai will mesmerise you from the start to the end of your visit. From the tranquil allure of the beach to the bustle of the Arabian markets, the wow factor of the cityscape or the flavours and variety of food. It’s a welcome sensory overload. Dining in Dubai is a foodie’s dream come true. The multi-national community of locals and visitors thrive on Dubai’s global culinary scene, offering a vast array of dishes and dining styles to choose from. Just some options include celebrity chef and Michelin starred restaurants, local fare - Emirati cuisine, street food, café culture, bakeries, afternoon tea, Asian delicacies, fresh seafood and much more.

Indulge in retail therapy

shopping in dubai
Dubai is a world class shopping destination with a grand collection of shopping malls, glamorous boutiques, markets, souks and more for shopaholics to indulge to their hearts content. Shopping is an experience here with atmosphere, entertainment and retail therapy all in perfect harmony. The world’s largest shopping and entertainment centre (The Dubai Mall) can be found here and features an incredible aquarium, ice rink, theme parks and of course more than 1000 retail outlets.

See the sights

See the sights and the heights as you explore the city. You’ll come across a unique blend of mysterious and ancient wonders amongst modern day architectural marvels. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, reaching 828 meters above sea level. The view from the observation deck is a must. Palm Jumeirah is an extraordinary man made palm shaped archipelago boasting many hotels and resorts. Sail around the islands or see the incredible birds eye view from above with a skydive. Treat the family to a fun day out at IMG Worlds of Adventure. The gigantic theme park includes many themed rides for visitors of all ages and even life sized dinosaurs.

Embark on an adventure

royal caribbean dubai
If you have a need for speed and a faster pace to your time in Dubai, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure spanning land, air and sea. Feel the sea breeze by the beach with paddle boarding, kite surfing or a Jet Ski trip along the coast. Sky Dive or set sail in a hot air balloon for awe-inspiring views or tackle the desert on a dune buggy. Sports such as golf, squash and cricket can also be enjoyed with top class facilities.
Dubai's nights are as exciting and inviting as the days with superb nightlife and buzzing after hours entertainment. From world famous DJ's and perfomers to dancing all night or simply casual drinks, there is a Dubai night to cater for all.
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