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The 52nd And Final Weekly Mix In All Of Its Uninterrupted Glory!

Here it is folks!  The 52nd and final weekly mix for your uninterrupted listening pleasure!  It has been fun putting these together and I hope you enjoyed listening to them over the last year!  I hope you collected them all!  Take care my friends, stay in touch and I'll see you all over on Facebook.

1.  Roy Richards - Death Rides A Horse
2.  King Horror - Loch Ness Monster
3.  Carl Bryan - Walking The Dead
4.  Charles Hannah & The Graduates - Dark Shadows
5.  Lloyd Charmers - Bone Yard Skank
6.  Murphy Romeo - Ghost Affair
7.  Lloyd & Devon - Wolf Out Deh
8.  Leo Graham - Voodooism
9.  The Melodians - Last Train To Ecstasy