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Learn a few tricks to make your bid on hotel rooms work for you.

Mandalay Bay
Since its opening in 1999, Mandalay Bay has become one of the most popular hotels on the Strip. At night, rumjungle becomes one of the hippest night spots in town. Concerts are held in the arena or the House of Blues concert hall. During the day, there's a rare coin museum, a walk-through aquarium and several trendy restaurants.

The Cheat Sheet to Obtaining Your Passport
Traveling outside the U.S. and exploring foreign shore is lots of fun. Just remember: you'll need a passport. If you don't already have one, this quick video will show...

Scuba in Aruba
Pictures of scuba in Aruba.

Circus Circus
Circus Circus is nonstop action, and not just in the casino. The Adventuredome is a great place to keep kids entertained and offers pay-one-price tickets for theme park rides. The dome, while keeping the weather out, keeps the noise in. The hotel corridors and rooms are also decorated in a rather noisy style. Circus acts are performed every twenty minutes and can been seen from the casino and most of the restaurants. Honestly, the whole place gives me a headache.