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Photos of Esmeralda, Cuba

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More on Negotiating Your Hotel Rate
"I just arrived from Cairo," writes reader Janice Schacter, "where I was able to negotiate my room rate at the Four Seasons. Not only did I get a third-night-free deal, but I also lowered the rate by calling the hotel manager. I then negotiated the airport transfer, which was really a price gouge."

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Get the best view of Costa Rica's largest lake by zipping through the area's lush forest. Check out this video.

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I actually said "wow" out loud when I saw the sheer depth of airfare specials available for sale this week. Some even have travel dates that extend to summer and...

Sleeping Positions and Pers...
A recent study identified common sleeping positions and how they correlate to personality traits. A "sleep expert" explains sleeping positions and personality.

Golf Course
Pictures of the Rosen Shingle Creek golf and spa resort in Orlando, Florida.