Hen nights in Malaga are unbeatable

As Beyonce said, 'If you like it then you should have put a ring on it'. Well the gentleman in question has, and now there are all sorts of things to consider. What with the dress, the ceremony and the bother of sorting out a seating plan that doesn't result in various family members trying to punch one another, there's a lot to organise.

Luckily you won't have to spend ages trying to decide where to have your hen do, then. Once you read our account of what it's like to spend your last night as a batchelorette in the Spanish city of Malaga, you simply won't look back. Take a look at some of the activities on offer and see if you can restrain yourself from booking the tickets for a flight from Britain to Malaga for you and your girlfriends.

A city of delights
There are dozens of ways of keeping yourself occupied in this bustling European metropolis, but first we need to get our bearings. As Malaga is a coastal city, you'll no doubt want to spend an afternoon exploring the seaport. Soak up the atmosphere as you stroll along the sandy beaches and past terrace bars - perfect for a bit of al fresco dining - before descending into the Old Town to buy some knick-knacks and presents for friends back home.

Activities aplenty
If you're turned off by the idea of lying on a beach all day, then there's no call to worry. Where Malaga really stands apart from other potential hen night destinations is the vast selection of activities on offer to keep young stagettes occupied.

If you want to make your last night as a free lady particularly memorable, get out to the rugged countryside surrounding the city. Here you'll discover Spain's wild side, as well as your own, as you go canyoning across gorgeous green trails and abseiling down carved chalk gorges. It's a full-on experience that you and your girlfriends will remember forever.

Alternatively, if you prefer life in a more relaxed lane instead of life in oncoming traffic, it's time to break out the spa treatments. Every bride-to-be should treat herself to a pamper before strolling down the aisle and there are some first-class locations to do this on the Costa del Sol - the coast of the sun. Indeed, there is a full-on circuit across this spa hotspot, so if you're particularly keen to sample what Spain has to offer in terms of Jacuzzis, hair stylists, masseurs and hydrotherapists, this is the place to be. The only problem is that you may never want to leave!

Beyond this, there are dozens of ways to enhance your hen night experience. Why not hop on a boat for a spot of dolphin watching? Or if you fancy sampling the countryside in a fast-paced style, commandeer a quad bike with your best girl friends and go blasting across the rugged terrain.

In the evening
There's also no shortage of things to do in the evening. Once the sun goes down, the music is turned up and the bars start to get lively. Start in one of the gorgeous restaurants for a good meal and some classy sophistication. Then forget all about that as you hit the clubs and the bars in the name of bachelorette. We can guarantee - you won't want to leave.

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