Tenerife: The Island of Eternal Spring

Perhaps the single most important reason behind Tenerife's enduring popularity as a holiday destination is its climate.

Dubbed the Island of Eternal Spring, Tenerife is blessed with year-round warmth (the average temperature rarely falls below 20C) and plenty of sunshine.

Beach holidays on the Canary Island can therefore be enjoyed at any time of year - whether you're in need of some winter sun or guaranteed good weather for your summer vacation.

However, this is not to say that holidays to Tenerife in January will be the same as those taken in August because there is, of course, much more to a family vacation than the weather.

There are not too many families in the UK who can holiday without a care. Most have to budget carefully for their vacations and price often determines the location.
Although Tenerife is renowned as a good value destination, there are seasonal variations in costs. Monarch Holidays, for example, offers cheaper prices both out of season and at the last minute, so if you can be flexible on your travel dates you can make considerable savings.

Special events
Not everyone is content to spend two weeks sat on sun lounger. Despite its reputation as a beach break location, Tenerife has much to offer culturally and numerous special events take place during the year.

One of the most spectacular is the annual fireworks display in Los Realejos - said to be Europe's largest - which takes place at the beginning of May as part of the Festivities of the Cross. As well as fireworks, the island's wooden crosses are bedecked in beautiful flowers.

Speaking of flowers, thousands of petals are used to stunning effect in the town of La Orotava in June, when the locals decorate the streets with intricate flower 'carpets' depicting religious icons.

These events don't just take place during the summer months either. In February, Puerto de la Cruz holds its annual carnival, when the streets come alive with floats and parades.

Like any popular destination, Tenerife has peaks and troughs in its population. Despite having only 900,000 permanent residents, the island receives millions of tourists per year.

With foreigners contributing significantly to the crowds seen on the beaches and in the towns, it pays to think carefully about when you are travelling to Tenerife if getting away from it all is the aim of your holiday.

Autumn and winter are busy with Northern Europeans descending on the island in search of some much-needed sunshine, while summer brings the arrival of people from the Spanish mainland. Spring is therefore the best time to visit if you prefer things a little less raucous, although don't expect to have beaches all to yourself as Tenerife's warm climate attracts sun seekers all year round.

Although the weather is warm all year round in Tenerife, November and December are considerably wetter than the other ten months of the year. However, much of this falls in a monsoon fashion during the night.

Also bear in mind that there is variation around the island, with the south hot and dry, while the north is lusher. Altitude also plays a part - 12,000ft Mount Teide can be covered in snow even when temperatures are 20C down on the beach.

But whatever time of year you visit Tenerife, you're bound to enjoy a great holiday.

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