Among some of the less known tropical getaways, is the island country of Barbados. One of the Caribbean islands located in the North Atlantic, over 300 miles north-east of coast of Venezuela, Barbados has been a loved destination for many pleasure seekers and holidayers. The perfect sun and sand, the perfect sea breeze, the perfect surf, the perfect shopping experience, the welcoming people, a festive season year round literally make this place desirable holiday destination. What makes this place even more special is the possibility of enjoying every bit of this beautiful Country with any scale of budget that you have. As many visitors claim, Barbados is not a one-time destination; one cannot help but return to this beautiful place.

The Un-touched beauty
Wander away on the long stretched, sun-kissed, soft sandy beaches of Barbados Tropical Island and let the fresh sea breeze in and rejuvenate your spirits. Re-discover yourself in the paradise that emanates romance and serenity on the west coast and unravel adventurous you on the east coast. All the luxury hotels are set on the pink-white sand beaches bordering the turquoise blue sea. Set on the Platinum west coast of Barbados is the distinguished and luxurious Resort Tamarind Barbados, which blends in the feel of the environment and lets you enjoy their heartwarming hospitality.

Barbados Indulgence
As is a saying in the country, the country spends partying all year round. The country celebrates many local festivals all-round the year which have different roots but have grown to huge events providing for an unending chain of celebrations. Multiple destinations from the South Coast to the West Coast, Central Barbados, Bridgetown and more provide for a great sightseeing journey. For all the surf lovers Barbados is heaven. The east coast of Barbados provides for good surf tides and for the extreme surfers, there is the Soup Bowl on the beach of Bathsheba. Calm clear waters on the west coast provide for a good swimming environment. Absorb in the scent of air as you soothe your senses and experience pleasure at the many spas on the west coast like the Coral Reef Club, Hilton Barbados Resort, Sass Salon and many more.

Intimate in the Blue
Intimate sea-side villas and guest houses with all exclusive amenities overlooking the most beautiful beaches in the world, provides you a private haven to indulge into eccentric romantic experiences. Dine under the starry skies and unravel intimacy as you drift into the mesmerized magical nights of Barbados and relax in the tranquil environment for an ideal Honeymoon.

Reaching the ultimate Destination
Barbados has an International airport 13kms east of Bridgetown. Many international carriers service Barbados including many chartered services. Barbados is also approachable by sea, with a port at Bridgetown. As said the budget of your trip does not matter, the availability of hotels, hostels, Breakfast & Bed lodgings along with many eateries and restaurants help the holidayer enjoy without having to check on your pockets.

Now you know why Barbados is one of the favorite honeymoon and holiday destinations. Start planning and visit the most fabulous, vibrant and romantic island country in the world which is promised to make you cry as you leave. Come and fall in love again.

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