Itís time, Iím off to Mexico!

Iíve been thinking, to be honest thatís the one thing Iíve been doing my whole life, without too many results. But thatís a story for another time. I like to travel, a lot, and if thereís been one place Iíve wanted to go to the most, itís Mexico. Not sure why or what exactly draws me there, but itís always been one of those places you just imagine must be great.

I pretty much booked my flights already, but now it seems like thereís something else I need to do. To be more exact, I think I could use a plan. I donít plan much, but you know, sometimes in order to get the best experience out of your trips, at least some planning might be good. Right now it looks like Iím going to try out Seaside Mexico as they seem to be offering some nice vacation options and having a nice apartment in any of the rocky point hotels just for myself for a month or two sounds like a great idea.

Right now it seems Iím going to go with Esmeralda hotel...why? Well, thatís a question for which youíd always get the same answer from me. It simply looks cool. And while itís not the cheapest one out there, it might be rather great.

Well, in all honesty I redecide things every hour, pretty much, but at least right now it all does sound like a great idea. It does. Will keep you updated.